isulWhat is Isul? Isul is Pullip’s little brother. Isul debuted in February of 2011 with the limited edition release Apollo. He is very fashion forward. Isul is approximately 11 inches tall and is just a little bit shorter than his big sister Pullip. Isul can move his eyes from side to side and has the ability to blink/close his eyes.
Nationality: Korea (Trilingual, Italy-raised)
Age: 15 (January, Capricorn)
Blood Type : O
Present Address : United State (studying in San Francisco)
School: Private High School in San Francisco
Member of Soccer team Personality: Fine Sensibility
Hobby: Play Soccer (especially one of his goal is professional soccer player), Read Books
Favorite type girl: Elegant woman
Favorite Book: Psychological Book, Modern Poetry, University Studying Material (inborn brilliant), Fashion Magazine
Fashion Style: long for kinds of ‘’Wild’’ fashion style, but not look good, so choose kinds of cute style right now
Favorite Color: Pastel Color
Pet: Cat (Korean Shotcat), name is Pump who likes Bell Pepper
Dream: Pastel Professional Soccer Player and Patissier
Family members
Father:Korean diplomat that worked Italy, where he met Pullip’s Mother.
Mother: Italian, an interior designer.
Sister: Name is Pullip, whom is studying abroad in Milano, Italy

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Apollo :: Nostalgia Lir :: Midnight Deja Vu :: Nightmare Yomi :: Classical Mad Hatter

Releases: Clicking on the photos will take to you a page dedicated to that doll (please note this is a work in progress I’m adding the images of the doll as I create the corresponding pages as free time allows).

2011 Apollo, Jimmy X, Duke, Hamilton, Vesselle, Mori Motonari, MAO, Sith, Romantic King, Tete & Johan
I902-2 isulVesselle3
Hamilton                         Vesselle

2012 Kazuya Kujo, White Rabbit du Jardin, Midnight Deja Vu, Lir, Hednar, Shiraishi Sakira, Johan Retro Memory Version & Helios
brandymallory1336761302 FIG-DOL-4971_05
            Hednar                 Shiraishi Akira

2013 Nekoneko Mao, Okita Souji, Classical Mad Hatter, Milk Tea, Light, Yomi, Fairy Lumiere, Cedric & Glen

2014 Vermelho & Gosomi

2015 Ciel Smile Version, White Rabbit in Steampunk World & Petit Prince
Ciel Smile Version

2016  Hansel & Eder
i936_06 i938_06
Hansel                             Eder

2017 Caros

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