Review of the Angelic Pretty Chess Chocolate Mint doll case

Angelic Pretty case 9

The Angelic Pretty Chess Chocolate Mint doll case is a splendid display piece. Made of sturdy cardboard, it looks spectacular when paired with a doll in an Angelic Pretty outfit.

I received a case from Groove USA to review. I had not seen one in person before. The case is a Gothic and Lolita Bible production Angelic Pretty collaboration.

The chocolate and mint color combination (one of my favorite color combos) is beautiful, as are the chocolate, chess, and ribbon accents inside and out. The seat has a strap for holding a doll in place. The seat can be removed from the case, and the seat and armrests open up for storage. There is a mirror opposite the seat and a detachable bar above the seat in case you want to hang dresses in it instead of seating a doll.

While I do not think the case would hold up to heavy use as a carrying case, the quality is actually better than I expected for a cardboard case. The clasps are metal and sturdy. The strap comes packaged separately and clicks on.

The case would be great for gently carrying one doll to a meet or for displaying at home with the Angelic Pretty collaboration dolls from Groove. If I were to take it somewhere, I would probably carry it in its cardboard shipper until I reached my destination.

It’s really the perfect size for a Dal doll!

The case is currently on sale at Groove USA for $59.99, with free shipping through December 31.

Angelic Pretty case 10

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4 Responses to Review of the Angelic Pretty Chess Chocolate Mint doll case

  1. jenkat says:

    I had been eyeing these off in the Groove store and was not aware that they were only cardboard. That definitely makes me think twice about buying one. A very helpful review, thank you!

  2. TrueFan says:

    It’s a heavy, glossy, coated cardboard, but it is cardboard.

  3. Laura says:

    I just bought this and am so disappointed. 😢 I had no idea it was made of cardboard and was so cheap. It’s also a lot smaller than I thought, and my Pullip doll does NOT fit inside of it! I bought it on sale for $45 and don’t think it’s worth that at all. I would pay $20 for it at the most. Such a shame.

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