Hestia Collection

The Hestia series is now discontinued but it featured two “twin” dolls Ribon and Isora released simultaneously each release would focus on a different theme with the dolls portraying the theme in separate but equal ways (the Priestess releases had one white-Ribon and one dark-Isora ). This page focuses on my Hestia Doll Collection, for more information about them please see their page here

Picture 1889
1. Hestia Ribon- Mangetunoyoru
Picture 4732
2. Hestia Ribon -Ariakedukinokokoro-
Picture 4730
3. Hestia Isora -Sakunoyoru-
Hestia Isora
4. Hestia Isora – Tachimachizukinoyoru-

2 Responses to Hestia Collection

  1. Ichigo says:

    Do you now witch wig size hestia has?
    My English is bad, in know 😉

    • kleintoys says:

      I haven’t rewigged any of mine but I understand they take size 5/6, Liv wigs fit them quite nicely.

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