Byul Pollon

Ah Byul, I love you but you definitely aren’t the most popular member of the Pullip family. Byul debuted in late 2008, so far there have been a total of twenty seven different Byuls released. She is Dal’s best friend, I always thought it was kind of funny that Dal’s best friend has been released in doll form already when Pullip’s best friend Ggot still hasn’t been into an actual doll yet. While Byul means star in Korean but it almost sounds like a disease, if that’s the case it seems I’ve got a bad case of Byul.
This is Lullaby, she is a Byul Pollon. She has been rewigged in one of the Make It Own or MIO wigs and rechipped with custom Blythe chips. She is wearing the Angelic Pretty Decoration Dream Sax Version Set outfit set. Isn’t she precious?
If nothing else, I think it can be agreed upon that she looks better now than she had in her stock form. When promotional photos of Pollon surfaced so many years ago I thought she was rather bland and I didn’t really give her a second thought until I saw some owner photos of her outside of her stock clothes. I happened to spot a used Pollon on eBay recently and decided to buy her and absolutely no regrets.
I wish more people would give Byul a chance as she sure has a lot of potential.

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1 Response to Byul Pollon

  1. Jane Cherie says:

    I am not a fan of Byul but I can see how she can become more interesting after changing a few things. I do like your doll face-up very much though! Usually, I just couldn’t warm up to her features and that’s annoying sometimes because she has so many great clothes!

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