Monster High

The basic premise of the Monster High line is the dolls are all supposed to be the offspring of famous monsters like Dracula and Frankenstein’s monster. I have loved horror movies ever since I was a little tyke and I think I can safely say I would have killed for this line in my younger years. I’m an adult now but I am not going to let a technicality like that stop me from collecting the line.
46/365 Monster High Dolls

Venus Catrine Demew 238/365 Abbey IMG_0994 Toralei Operetta
Signature Line

I must not forget to use my sunscreen, the sun can be brutal on a young vampire's skin GB Clawdeen Skull Shores Cleo Skull Shores Frankie Venus Draculaura
Bathing Suit Lines (Gloom Beach, Skull Shores, 2012 etc)

Dead Tired Draculaura 305/365 Hydration Station Lagoona Monster High: Dead Tired Ghoulia Dead Tired Abbey Frankie Monster High: Dead Tired Draculaura
Dead Tired Series 1 & 2

IMG_0784 IMG_0795 Frankie Ghoulia Lagoona IMG_0490
Dawn of the Dance

Mad Science Lagoona Home Ick Frankie
Classroom- Coming Soon!

Sweet 1600- Coming Soon!

Ghouls Rules- Coming Soon!

Dot Dead Gorgeous- Flickr Set
Dot Dead Gorgeous Spectra Dot Dead Gorgeous Lagoona Draculaura Dot Dead Gorgeous Operetta Abbey Ghoulia

Rollermaze Lagoona Roller Maze Abbey Roller Maze Frankie Roller Maze Operetta Roller Maze Ghoulia
Roller Maze- Lagoona, Abbey Frankie, Operetta, Ghoulia & Clawdeen

Scaris Frankie Ghoulia Deuce Abbey Scaris Lagoona Scaris Cleo
Scaris- Coming Soon!

Picture Day Cleo Picture Day Abbey Picture Day Draculaura Picture Day Spectra
Picture Day- Coming Soon!

Scooter Ghoulia Draculaura JCPenney exclusive Draculaura with roadster Coffin Bean Clawdeen
Playsets- Coming Soon!


Lagoona Dance Class Operetta Howleen Robecca
Dance Class- Coming Soon!



Still need-
Swim Holt (Justice Exclusive)
Art Class- Draculaura
Frights, Camera, Action- Clawdeen, Cleo, Draculaura & Lagoona
Hauntlywood- Viperine, Honey Swamp, Elissabat & Clawdia
Scaremester- Jinafire, Clawdeen & Catrine
Coffin Bean- Frankie, Abbey & Toralei
Dead Tired- Robecca, Spectra & Lagoona
13 Wishes- Abbey
Power Ghoul- Voltageous

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