Pullip Froggy (Pullipstyle Exclusive)

Pullip Froggy was announced via Pullipstyle’s newletter on July 16th, 2012; she was released in September 2012. Froggy’s design is based on the much beloved Little Pullip  Froggy  design and was Pullipstyle’s first exclusive doll and limited to 400, four years later Pullipstyle released a second exclusive this one an original design with a bunny pilot theme named Amelia.

Additional Information:
Release: Limited and Exclusive Release, Pullip Froggy is LE400 and was sold exclusively through Pullipstyle’s website.
MSRP: $95
Release Date: 9/2012
Product Number: P-068
Feel Like So: Singing ‘’KERO’’ ‘’KERO’’… Jumping like HOP STEP… I am in full throttle in rainy day… Feel Like So.
Face Up:
Pullip Froggy Face UpEyes: Green Eyechips
Eyelids: Photo Coming Soon!
Wig: Orange Wig
Stock: Pullip Froggy’s stock outfit consists of a lily pad accessory, frog hood, frog suit, tank top and bloomers.
Pullip Froggy Stock
Body Type: Type 4
Obitsu Match: White skin obitsu
Stand: White Plastic Stand
Special Notes: The first of two Pullipstyle exclusive releases, while the other design was original this one was based on the extremely popular previously released Little Pullip Froggy.

Known Issues: No none issues.
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Promotional Photos these photos were taken from Groove’s blog.