What is Byul? Byul is a fashion doll that belongs to the Pullip series of dolls by Jun Planning/Groove. Byul is Dal’s best friend. Feelings are very mixed about Byul in the pullip community but she does seem to have gained a bit of popularity now compared to when she was first announced. She shares the same body as Dal, which means they can share clothing. Like Dal she lacks the ability to blink but her eyes do have the ability to move side to side. While Byul and Dal have interchangeable eye mechanisms, Byul has larger 14mm eye chips than Dal and can wear Blythe eye chips. Byul is approximately 9 inches tall.
EugeniaByul’s Profile Information
Nationality: Italy (“my mother is Korean, but I’m having trouble learning the language. I’m trying my best”)
Age: 13 (December, Sagittarius)
Blood Type : Strawberry
Present Address : Milano, Italy
School: Middle school.
Club : the Tennis club
Hobby: Making Presents. ‘’My room is full of the presents that I made for Isul.”
Personality: innocent and delicate.
Favorite Food: Korean food which her mom cooks.
Fashion Style: ‘’I love dresses trimmed with lace like ‘’Loli’’ and all of those dresses are made by my mom who is very clever with her fingers.
Dream: a beautiful bride
Ideal Type: a guy who is nice, sensitive and careful, like ISUL.
Best Friend: DAL

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Releases: Clicking on the photos will take to you a page dedicated to that doll (please note this is a work in progress I’m adding the images of the doll as I create the corresponding pages).


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Pollon Tigerlily
            Pollon                        Tiger Lily

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Dumbo April Byul- Siry Paulia Hermine
Dumbo                                          Siry                            Paulia                            Hermine
Humpty DumptyB308-10
Humpty Dumpty                Rhiannon

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Matulite Sucre Leroy Sarutobi Sasuke
Matulite                                    Sucre                              Leroy                      Sarutobi Sasuke
secomi Paradis Stefie Cheshire Cat
Secomi                                  Paradis                              Stefie                     Cheshire Cat du Jardin

Princess Minty Moirai b323_5
Princess Minty                     Moirai                               Clorinda


Little Byuls
My Melody, Princess Minty and Garcon

2 Responses to Byul

  1. Bol de Lait says:

    Thank you for the great job on that topic.
    Docolla Little Byul Oumpa Loumpa is missing along Creamy Mami Little Byul.

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