Pullip Prupate (Carnivàle)

I recently purchased Pullip Prupate from Pullipstyle, I was extremely fortunate to find her in the dentbox section. Prupate was part of the second round of Angelic Pretty collaborations that were released earlier this year (she was released alongside Sucre and Joujou).
Prupate makes me think of a crazy cross between a circus ringleader and a sweet lolita girl, I decided to name her Carnivàle.

Prupate Prupate Prupate

Prupate face up
Prupate’s face up is a lot sweeter than I had anticipated, I really love how they did her face up I especially love her lips.
Prupate Stock Clothes
Prupate’s stock is pretty impressive, it’s well made for Groove stock. I was intentionally somewhat hesitant about her stock being red but it actually looks quite nice in person. My only really complaint is the gloves don’t fit that well so they are kind of useless ^^;
Prupate's Angelic Pretty Print
Close up of Prupate’s Angelic Pretty print.
Prupate's shoes
I love the shoes that they use for the Angelic Pretty dolls, they just look so delicate.

I love how intricate the back of her stock is. I especially love the lacing up the back.




More pictures on my Flickr.

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2 Responses to Pullip Prupate (Carnivàle)

  1. Avalon says:

    Aw, I adore the shoes so much! This girl is such a cutie!

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