Pullip My Select Merl

In 2012 a new line of dolls called My Select Pullip was introduced, the dolls were new basic versions of popular previous releases (with maybe some slight differences). They came only wearing a towel and did not come with a stand. They were very affordably priced at $65 and were described as being fun to redress and/or customize so in a way they were kind of a precursor to MIO or Make It Own customization kits. Five different dolls and three different clothing sets were released as a part of the line, My Select Merl was one of the first dolls released as part of the line.

Additional Information:
Release: Standard
MSRP: $65 when first introduced
Release Date: 4/2013
Product Number: P-851
Feel Like So: None
Face Up:
My Select Merl Face Up
Eyes: Blue
My Select Merl Eyelids
Wig: Long reddish brown hair.
Stock: My Select Merl comes with a towel wrap and nothing else!
towel wrap
Body Type: Type 4
Obitsu Match: White
Stand: No Stand
Special Notes: Appears to be the same wig/face up as original Pullip Merl.
Known Issues: None
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Promotional Photos these photos were taken from Groove’s blog.

My Select series dolls: Pullip Paja, Pullip Ddalgi, Pullip Merl, Dal Frara & Pullip Melissa

Original versus My Select Version