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New Coupon Code @Pullipstyle

It seems like Pullipstyle has been much more generous with the coupon codes lately! Pullipstyle just posted on their facebook page about their latest coupon code offer highlighting 2016 Pullip Releases. Hello, everyone! We are going to try something new, … Continue reading

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Pullip Alrescha Pisces

Playing catch up today! I just posted about Pullip The Secret Garden of White Witch so now it’s time to post about the other Pullip being released alongside of her in December in Japan (one month later here in the … Continue reading

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Pullip The Secret Garden of the White Witch

In an effort to play catch up, the following are going to be a series of somewhat abbrievated posts compared to my normal writings here. Alas I’ve fallen behind again due to a chaotic personal life, unfortunately I haven’t been … Continue reading

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15th Anniversary Custom Pullip Contest Dolls now up for Auction

To celebrate Pullip’s 15th Anniversary Groove hosted an event at Yokohama Doll House, there was a custom doll contest held in conjunction with the event with the winning doll getting the chance to become a Pullip release. Groove had previously … Continue reading

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Groove Announces DC Comics The Joker Taeyang <3_<3

Yesterday was my birthday and much to my surprise and delight, Groove decided yesterday of all days that they were going to announce the release of one of my absolute favorite comic book villains the Joker as the newest doll … Continue reading

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Sailor Moon x Pullip Isul Helios Announced!

Last night, Groove announced the 24th doll in their incredibly popular Sailor Moon x Pullip collaboration series Isul Helios via their blog. Isul Helios will be the first Isul released in almost a year, the last Isul release was Isul … Continue reading

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Pullip x Cinnamoroll 15th Anniversary Edition

….and just as I published Pullip Eileen’s announcement I realized that I never actually wrote up Pullip Cinnamoroll here, I had meant to especially since I really love her release I’ve just been so distracted lately by everything else going … Continue reading

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