Pullip Katrina

Pullip Katrina and her counterpart Taeyang ReonHARDT were released in December of 2016 alongside Isul Caros and Dal Dana. Katrina and ReonHARDT look as though they are getting ready to attend a Christmas party!

Additional Information
Release: Standard monthly release
MSRP: 18000  yen
Release Date: 12/2016
Product Number: P-193
Feel Like So: My longing for memories….. The feeling that somebody was together….Feel Like So.
Face Up:
Katrina Face UpEyes: Blue eyechips
Eyelids: Green Eye Liner
Katrina Closed EyesPartial Open Eyelid View:
Katrina Partially Close EyesWig: Long honey blonde wavy wig.
Stock: Pullip Katrina’s stock outfit consists of a hat, dress, coat, necklace, tights and shoes
KatrinaBody Type: 4
Obitsu Match: Imperfect. Katrina has a bit of an olive tan so she will not really match white obitsu, in the photo below Lupinus is a fairly close match to white obitsu I think the natural obitsu might be a bit too orange-y in comparison to her.
Skintone comparisonStand: Bronze Plastic Stand
Special Notes: None
Known Issues: None, the fur cuffs on her coat appear to be fake.
Similar Doll Recommendations: Taeyang ReonHARDT

Promotional Photos Photos taken from Groove’s Blog

Pullip Katrina with her counterpart Taeyang ReonHARDT