Special Event Clothing

This doesn’t really fit neatly into either of the other clothing categories, this page is for clothing released at special events like Doll Carnival.

Doll Carnival 2008
Photo from event via Hobbystock
Item Name: Doll Carnival 2008 shirts for Taeyang, Pullip and Dal
Details of Release: The shirts were sold at Doll Carnival 2008 for 500 yen each.
Dolls used to model: Pullip Haute LA, Taeyang Jade and Dal Tweety

Doll Carnival 2013
Item Name: White Dress
Details of release: 200 White Dresses were given away at Doll Carnival 2013 to the first 200 attendees. 15 White Dresses were available free with purchase of a doll to customers who bought a doll during  JPGroove.com‘s New Year event.  It is not known whether the 15 White Dresses JPGroove offered were a part of the 200 given away at Doll Carnival or if 215 were made.
Dolls used to model: Varele (top right), Ally (top left), Io (bottom right) & Canele (bottom left).

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