Isul Helios (Sailor Moon)

Isul Helios was released as a part of the Sailor Moon collaboration series of dolls that started in 2014, he was one of the last dolls released as a part of the series and is the only Isul in the series. He was released in April of 2018 as both as a standard edition release and a special Bandai Shop exclusive version that came with a Golden Crystal Necklace.

In Sailor Moon, Helios had been the high priest of Elysion and his human form was captured by the evil Queen Nehelenia who controls the dreaded Dead Moon Circus. He manages to hide as his dream form a unicorn/pegasus in Chibi-Usa’s beautiful dream which leads to a close bond between the two…. unforuntately his presence in her dream brings the Dead Moon Circus to earth in search of Helios in everyone’s dream mirrors.

Additional Information
Release: Standard and Exclusive Releases,  bonus Golden Crystal necklace was available only to those who preordered via Bandai
MSRP:  22000 yen for standard and Bandai exclusive version of Helios
Release Date: 4/2018
Product Number: I-939
Feel Like So: I watch the dreams of people on Earth from this Elysium and protect the Golden Crystal ….. Feel Like So
Face Up:
IMG_1405Eyes: Red eyes
Eyelids: Black Eyeliner
Helios closed eyes
Wig: Pale Blue Wig
Stock: Isul Helios’ stock outfit consists of a tunic, pendant, pants, sash, boots and a stuffed horn head accessory, you will note the lack of horn in the stock photo as mine fell apart shortly after deboxing ^^; . I do not own or have access to the Bandai shop exclusive version of Helios but I can say that he additionally comes with an exclusive necklace.
Body Type: Isul body
Stand:  White Plastic Stand
Special Notes: Isul Helios is one of the very few Isuls with pierced ears,
Known Issues: Horn is incredibly fragile I barely touched mine and it fell apart shortly after deboxing.
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Promotional Photos these photos were taken from Groove’s Blog

Bandai Shop exclusive crystal necklace

Isul Helios with Dal Princess Small Lady Serenity.