Puddle 2013

After several years of not being able to make it, I finally was able to attend the 2013 Pullip and Dal Lovers Event (more commonly known as Puddle) this past weekend. Puddle is held at the  Holiday Inn Chicago-Elk Grove once a year, every summer. I flew into Chicago Friday, after only getting home from my trip to Disney World on Wednesday and then flew back late Saturday night.
Though Puddle’s primary focus is on Pullips and company, other dolls are welcome as well. There were also some Bjds and Dollfie Dreams in attendance as well as Blythes, a Nikki and probably a couple of others I’m forgetting.

Some of the vendors at Puddle
Keelycutekimono Booth
Keelycutekimono was one of the vendors, I really enjoyed meeting her as I have purchased many things from her over the years and we have chatted online for years. Shockingly, I didn’t buy anything from her this time but we did talk about commissions.
Quaint Quintessence
Quaint Quintessence sold cute My Little Pony themed hoodies as well as dresses. I worked out a trade agreement for a couple of her super cute pony hoodies.
Requiemart's booth
Requiemart‘s booth at Puddle she had several of her custom dolls up for sale in addition to some nude dolls, clothes plus various other bits and bobs. I was very excited to see Lum finally complete, it was also nice to see Cosmic Twin dals and Alice Omega again.
I forget the name of this seller
US Azone store lots of nice things there, I was very highly tempted to get the Tomoe Mami Azone doll.
Pretty, pretty wigs
I believe this is Sakura’s Blossoms, they had wigs and rement and some other cool stuff. I bought one of the wigs, it is the one in the center of the bottom row for the new custom doll I purchased at Puddle.
Lots of rement
I was highly tempted to buy some new rement but I have a lot already that I never use.

There were more vendors there I neglected to photograph ^^; Shifty Lizard was also there selling Pullips, effiethedal was selling super adorable dal/blythe clothing, Gottahaveit Crafts sold cute doll bags and Pale Angel Accessories was there selling crocheted hats and headbands.

Dollies, dollies everywhere-
Close up of the left side of the doll group photo.
Close up of the right side of the doll group photo.
There were some dolls sent by Groove to be auctioned off for charity. They were originally made to benefit the tsunami in Japan by different design students in Japan but unfortunately they failed to sell at auction. All of the dolls sold this time around, some with very fierce bidding I might add- I may have brought one of these four home for me. There was a fifth doll a redressed Regeneration Noir but she was raffled off rather than auctioned off.  This isn’t the best photo of the auction dolls ^^;
@Puddle2013 @Puddle2013 @Puddle2013
Cauldroness’ beautiful girls- Dollfie Dream Rise, Pullip Squall twins and Dollfie Dream Sister Melty. I really enjoyed meeting Cauldroness and her lovely girls, I also bought a custom Pullip from her.
Omega Alice and her “victim” a custom by Myufish/Missmandylynne.
@Puddle2013 @Puddle2013 @Puddle2013
Some of Puddle organizer Truefan’s dals. Truefan is a prolific dal collector. These three are Tonks (Rot-chan), Elinor (Monomono) and Brunhilde (Heart Macaron).
@Puddle2013 @Puddle2013
More pretty, pretty dolls.
@Puddle2013 @Puddle2013
Some contestants for the and the modified doll contest and original outfit contest. There was also a dress like your doll contest as well as custom contest but I didn’t get any good pics of them ^^;
My new girl Charlotte
This is Charlotte, she is my new DDS standard model Mayu. She was waiting for me when I returned from Disney so I decided to take her along with me to Puddle especially since I knew a few other DD people would be there.
Naughty DD!
Another DD this one belonging to Keelyvh, Requiemart decided to re-pose her slightly because sex sells :XD KeelyVH made this wa-loli kimono for DDdy which is a triumph in structural engineering.

The Loot-
Puddle Loots
Goodies from my giftbag (naturally I picked the Papin bag), that I bought or won via raffle. I bought quite a few raffle tickets and got pretty lucky winning one of the items Groove sent ie. a tshirt, a Groove calender, a Pullip book and a beautiful China doll who did not come home with me (due to the constraints of the my luggage, I decided to gift it to a friend of mine that absolutely loved her and having drove to Puddle could safely bring it home with her). I traded for the gorgeous green wig which I immediately put it on Charlotte.
Puddle Loot
I acquired three new full-sized dolls as well as three mini Pullips.
Top Row: Poripori Pullip: One of the auction dolls sent by Groove she is a redressed Rche,  Marreti Dal wearing a Pinkie Pie outfit by Quaint Quintessence,  Verdera Pullip (Papin who is not new but is modeling my new Rainbow Dash outfit set by  Quaint Quintessence): & the super lovely custom I bought from Cauldroness, I have named her Leila. She was customized by Neonningyou. I bought her nude/bald and acquired wig/outfit and shoes for her at Puddle.
Bottom Row: Mini Pullip Paja, Minie Pullip Luce and Mini Pullip Moon

Lots more pictures on my flickr.

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2 Responses to Puddle 2013

  1. Heather says:

    Absolutely awesome!!! How wonderful that you were able to go and that it was so packed full of amazing stuff. I’d never thought about Puddle having non-Pullip stuff, lol! It all looks fantastic. (and seeing as how Neemos fit with Pullip sized stuff… yeah… and Azone USA was there???? GAH! I might have to go.)

    • kleintoys says:

      I had never gone before so I wasn’t really sure what to expect but after going now I’m definitely going to try and attend again next year. I was really impressed with the variety of non-Pullip stuff that ended up there. I also recommend it if you are at all reasonably close.

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