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Pullip Cheshire Cat in Steampunk World

Alice in Wonderland has been an incredibly popular theme for Pullip over the years that has been revisited time and again, over the last two years Groove has been releasing a new series of dolls based on Alice in Wonderland … Continue reading

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Isul White Rabbit in Steampunk World announced!

Groove just announced the latest doll in their Alice in Wonderland x Steampunk series via their blog earlier tonight. Isul White Rabbit will be the third doll released in the Alice in Steampunk World series. The White Rabbit has been announced … Continue reading

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New Pullip Announced Alice in Steampunk World

Groove recently announced a new Pullip via their blog. Pullip Alice in Steampunk World  is a combination of two very popular themes for Pullip, Alice in Wonderland and Steampunk World. Groove and Jun Planning before it really seem to have a … Continue reading

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Sale @JPGroove

JPGroove is currently having a sale on a variety of Pullips, Dals, Taeyangs, Byul and Isuls prices are up to 46% off of the original MSRP. There are a lot of great dolls included in the sale you can check out … Continue reading

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July Pullip Releases- Cinderella & Steampunk

July Pullip releases were revealed today, a new Cinderella series was revealed and the next two dolls in the Steampunk Project Season 2 ~ eclipse~ series were revealed. All in all it is looking like July may become a very … Continue reading

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Steampunk Byul Rhiannon

I recently purchased Steampunk Byul Rhiannon as well as Dollte Porte Isul Vesselle and some Pullip puzzles from HLJ during their Groove Inc sale. All told after conversion and ems shipping the order ended up costing around $200, not too … Continue reading

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125/365-….and then there was an Isul

I finally managed to acquire an Isul, Isul is the newest addition to the pullip family. He is Pullip’s younger brother. So far only a handful of Isuls have been released, I eventually have intentions of having the entire steampunk … Continue reading

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93/365- Ra Muw Dal

Ra Muw was another one of the dolls I received for my birthday, I decided to debox her today. Ra Muw  was a part of the limited edition Steampunk series of pullips and company released over the past 10 months … Continue reading

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February Pullips and Co Lineup- Angelic Pretty and Steampunk

I already discussed these in a previous entry here but better pictures have since surfaced. These should be available for preorder on Pullipstyle any day now, they are all collaborations so I predict even preorder pricing will be over $100 … Continue reading

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February’s Pullip Line Up

February’s diverse line up of pullip and company has been officially announced. Pullip Jaldet is a gothic mermaid?The tail looks a tad ridiculous to me ^^; I have to say I never expected this release, I am amused with Groove’s creativity. She … Continue reading

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