Little Pullips & Dals etc

Little Pullips are a miniature version of Pullips. They are not as articulated as their larger counterparts and their eyes are not mobile like Pullips (they can not look left/right or blink. They are a little less than five inches tall.

Some Little Pullips are based on full-sized Pullip releases and some are based on original ideas. To date, Little Paja and Little Froggy are the only Little Pullips to subsequently get made into full-sized Pullip releases.
Assa and little AssaThe first generation of Little Pullip were released from 2005 until 2007 before getting discontinued. A total of 32 Little Pullips (31 releases, one was a two-pack) were made in the original line of Little Pullips.
97/365 Jolly RogerIn late 2008, a new updated line of Little Pullips called Little Pullip + as well as a line of Little Dal + was launched. The new Little Pullip + releases had a redesigned face sculpt that resembled Pullip more than the original Little Pullip series did, their bodies were also redesigned. Little Dal + had a new face sculpt that greatly resembled doll as well as a new body style.
KyubeyIn July of 2011, the DoColla line started. DoColla is a contraction of the words doll + collaboration, all of the Little dolls released as a part of this line were part of a collaboration. Dolls from this from line were based on characters from different anime series such as Little Pullip Grell, Little Dal Ciel and Little Taeyang Sebastian were based on characters from Kuroshitsuji. DoColla also featured the debut of Little Taeyang and Little Byul +.
The Little Byul + line continued outside of the Docolla line to have some additional non-collaboration releases. Unfortunately all of the Little lines were discontinued in 2013 before any additional Little Taeyangs could be released (one additional Little Taeyang release was announced but canceled).

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