Other Toys

Of course, I don’t just play with dolls and anime figures that would be silly! My other toy interests include… clicking on the pictures will take you to the appropriate page.

Harley Quinn
Batman Toys A childhood favorite that I’ve picked back up in more recent years, though I tend to find Batman a bit boring compared to the far more interesting villains like Joker and Harley Quinn. I’m a rather voracious reader of comics.
Applejack Army
My Little Pony I grew up collecting G1 ponies, started watching My Little Pony Friendship with Magic with my little girl and thought it was cute. Wouldn’t you know Applejack my favorite as a kid was a character in the new series as well. I bought a few G4s which escalated into almost all of the G4 toys and lots of G1s and G3s as well.

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