Doll Facts and Questions

I created a fairly lengthy and detailed Pullip FAQ, every now and again I receive questions about other types of dolls that I collect so I have decided to make up a generalized page for facts and questions about those other dolls.

I’ll begin with my most frequently asked questioned….

Question: Is the stuff featured on the website for sale? I want to buy _____ doll from you, please sell it to me now!!!!

Answer: NO! I hate to put is so emphatically but unless it is featured on my sales page, it is not for sale! I do make an effort to state where I acquired any thing I have featured on my website, if I have overlooked mentioning the provinence of something that you are interested in please don’t hesitate to ask where I got something and I’ll be happy to share where I acquired whatever from.
Why is this an issue? Take my Lati Yellow Bremen Town Sunny for example she has received no less than 43 inquiries over the years, while I understand she is a popular model she is also happens to be one of my favorite dolls so I’m definitely not interested in selling her. While some people are respectful when they make an inquiry “if you ever decide to sell _____ in the future, please let me know” and I have actually followed up with some of these people when I have periodically thinned the ranks but I’ve had many people tell me over the years that I will sell them my doll and they will buy it but only if it’s for a good price! Of course, it’s normally some doll that was hideously expensive in the first place that I am now expected to sell at a loss these are the people I end up blocking and if I do decide to sell the doll in the future, it will not be to them.

General Questions
Question– You used some terms I am unfamiliar with what is OOAK, MIB, NRFB etc. what do they mean?
Answer- I know it seems like we dolly collectors have our own secret language at times so here are some of the most commonly seen mystery words..
– Bait– Doll is in extremely poor condition or damaged that would only be good for restoration or customization.
– Custom– Custom means the doll has been changed from it’s default and has received a new face up or other work.
– Grail- Most desired unattainable dream doll normally limited or extremely expensive older release.
MIB- Mint in Box
– NRFB- Not Removed From the Box
– One of a Kind generally refers to custom dolls as there is not another doll like anywhere else in the world.
– TLC– Tender loving care, if you see this in a doll’s listing it’s a kinder way of saying they are bait.

Question: Where can I buy Mama Chapps?
Answer: Your best bet is to go through a bidding agency and get one from Yahoo Japan, the official website does offer preorders occasionally but they sell out lightning quick and you would need to go through a bidding agency in order to preorder from them website.

Question: Where can I buy Blythes?
Answer: I don’t buy them much anymore but I’ve always preordered mine through HobbylinkJapan and Amiami.

 Pullip Questions – please see the Pullip FAQ

BJD Questions-
Question: What is a BJD?
Answer: BJD means ball jointed doll. They are strung dolls with ball joints, any doll that is strung and has ball joints is a bjd by definition. Please note that the definition can be somewhat subjective, some places such as Den of Angels have a very narrow, focused view and much more stringent guidelines as to what is to be considered to be a bjd such as that it must be made of resin, have a certain amount of joints etc.

Question: Are Pullips, Monster High, J-dolls, Ever After High dolls etc BJDs?
Answer: Pullips and J-dolls are Asian fashion dolls, Monster High and Ever After High dolls are fashion dolls. They all have a ball jointed shoulder but that is their only ball joint and none of them are strung. This does not mean that they are neccesarily inferior to bjds it just means they are a different type of doll.

Question: Where can I buy BJDs?
Answer: These are the bjd companies I buy from most frequently, these are not the only bjd companies that exist just ones I have the most experience with…

Luts– Luts is my current favorite bjd company. They are constantly open for orders, they do periodic special events where they offer limited release dolls like the Tiny Delf Centaurs. I’ve never had any issues with any of the Luts dolls I’ve ordered and have always been happy in terms of quality, their turn around time for producing a doll has always been fairly reasonable I can’t remember any of the dolls I’ve ordered from them taking more than four months with the average being about three months. Pricing is very reasonable and they also offer a wide range of size options, tan skin is always an available skintone option. They offer layaway for up to three months directly, their dealer Fabricfriendsanddolls has longer layaway options as well.

Latidoll– Latidoll is generally only open during special order periods that happen roughly every 3-4 months, after the event period they generally open regular orders for basic dolls for a week or two. They do not directly offer any layaway options. As much as I love Lati Yellows, I have made the decision that I will no longer personally be ordering from them directly as my last two orders took over a year. If Luts can produce a much more complicated design in the same size range ie. a Tiny Delf Centaur and have it in my hands in less than three months why does it take Lati over a year to deliver?

Fairyland– Always open for orders though certain doll lines/models are periodically unavailable (currently pukipukis, a few select minifees and Feeple60 while they are redoing the molds). Fairyland does not offer layaway directly, layaway is available through their dealer Denverdoll though. Tan is available but only during events.

Volks– Volks has only small variety of standard models that are available to be ordered at any time though they frequently go in/out of stock though some models such as YoSD are only available as limited edition models. Volks’ big thing is special limited releases, these are generally sold via lotteries at special events known as Dolpa. Generally after the dolpa they do a lottery for any leftover dolls, if by some miracle there are dolls leftover after that because someone didn’t pay for their order they do what is known as click wars where they place the item on the website and the first one to checkout/pay for the item gets it. Volks lotteries mean you win the right to buy not that you win a free doll, if you win and don’t pay you will not be able to order from them again they ban your account. They don’t have dealers and they don’t offer layaways.

Den of Angels is the largest bjd forum and has a marketplace sub-forum where you can buy secondhand dolls. The dealers I use the most are Denverdoll and Fabricfriendsanddolls the advantage of going through a dealer is they carry several different brands of dolls ie. not all just from one company, they offer layaway options and if there is a problem with your order they can assist you with sorting it out.

Avoid stores like BJDBaby, BJD-Shop and any Taobao/Aliexpress store selling Volks/Fairyland/Iplehouse ie. multiple brands of dolls this is a major red flag because Volks and Iplehouse don’t have any authorized dealers so they are selling recast bjds. Another thing to look out for is prices example: most minifee with a face up cost a little over $450 from Fairyland if you find a store selling multiple minifees for under $200 they are selling recasts!

Question: What are recasts?
Answer: Recasts are unauthorized copies of bjds. The name recast comes from the process used to make them, the recaster takes a doll from a company and uses it to make a cast which they then to use to make dolls which results in dolls that are slightly smaller than the originals. There is quite a bit of stigma attached to owning recast dolls as their purchase does not any way support the original artists or the company that owns the rights to the doll.

Dollfie Dreams
Question: Where can I buy Dollfie Dreams?
Answer: Be prepared as this is going to be a long and complicated answer ^^;

Standard models ie. Aoi, Miko, Mayu, Yukino, Candy, Mirai and Rena are almost always available directly through Volks USA or Volks International. These dolls are continually produced so they restock shortly after selling out.

Approximately once a year, Volks will do a preorder project for a collaboration Dollfie Dream where all orders within the order period will be filled an example of this would be the Vocaloid Miku DD. Preorders are always available on Volks International and sometimes on VolksUSA as well. The only downside with the preorder dolls is depending on how many orders they receive you could be waiting for your doll for a while.

The other limited collaboration DDs are lottery dolls, they are normally available to coincide with an event such as Doll Party. After the event, Volks International does a lottery for any leftover dolls via their website shortly after the event. An entry in the lottery is not a guarantee, the chances of winning vary depending on a variety of factors such as popularity of the character it’s been my experience that the MDDs tend to be the hardest to win.  Do not enter for a lottery unless you can pay, if you win Volks expects you to pay and they want payment pretty much immediately and they do not offer layaway. If you win and do not pay Volks will ban your account and you will no longer be able to purchase directly from them or enter lotteries.

For past releases your best bet is probably Yahoo Japan. Unless you actually live in Japan please keep in mind that you not buy directly from Yahoo Japan, you have to go through a bidding agency and they will add anywhere from a 15-20% commission fee. Dollfie Dreams show up occasionally on Den of Angels which is primarily a ball jointed doll forum. There is now a forum devoted to Dollfie Dreams which has a marketplace.  I can not stress enough that if you are really wanting to buy a popular, limited dollfie dream than you have to be realistic about your expectations of cost. Saber for example is a popular doll, her MSRP was right around $1,000 she tends to sell for more so expecting to be able to find her complete for around $500 is not realistic. Do your research watch a few auctions of whichever doll you are lusting for and see where they end and see if it feasible for you.  I understand Dollfie Dreams are expensive, I know they are but to me they are worth it and I own several of them their purchases for me are pretty well planned out and are not something casual or whim driven.

In the past, I used to write about Dollfie Dreams more here but too many people complained about my not emailing them to remind them when the lottery dates were and well that is not my responsibility  ^^;

Question: Are Dollfie Dreams considered bjds?
Answer: Dollfie Dreams are on-topic on Den of Angels but they aren’t really bjds, they are grandfathered in because the very first DD models by Volks were actually strung. They have a skeleton system and are made out of vinyl, they can share clothes with some bjds but they are really kind of their own thing.

Question: You are talking that weird doll collector language again what does DD mean etc?
Answer: Here’s a quick glossary of Dollfie Dream terms..
MDD- Mini Dollfie Dream
DDS- Dollfie Dream Sister
DD- Dollfie Dream
DDDy- Dollfie Dream Dynamite

Questions concerning myself or my personal collection…

Question: How do I contact you?
Answer: My email address is pullipsandjunk (@)

Question: What are your personal feelings on recasts of ball jointed dolls?
Answer: I generally try to avoid this topic under the theory that you should not discuss money, religion or politics in polite society. My personal feelings are as follows, in an ideal world recasts would not exist but we don’t live in an ideal world and I recognize that. I am personally anti-recast but I’m also somewhat neutral in that, I generally won’t ask about anyone about their own dolls.

Question: I want you to review _____ type of doll, why haven’t you featured it on your website?
Answer: Do I own that type of doll or have I stated interest in that type of doll? I may eventually feature them here if I said yes to either of those questions. Sometimes I’ll buy something if I’m curious enough about it or if I happen to find a deal but most of the time I have other priorities. A good example of this is Soom Lila, I’ve been aware of her existence for quite some time and she has been on my would be nice to own list for a while but she is quite pricey and while she looks interesting I’m not convinced I would even like her in person so I’d rather spend the funds on something else for now until I either find a deal or Soom comes out with an irresistible release . If I don’t care for a doll line, I’m not going to buy a doll just for the sake of doing a review of it ^^;

If you are from a company and would like to send me something to feature or review please email me at pullipsandjunk (@) .

Question: May I use your photos?
Answer: For the most part I do not mind, doll/toy photos for comparison purposes or whatever so long as you link back either to my website or my flickr . These photos are not to be used to misrepresent yourself as the owner of said items or for sales purposes. If it’s not a picture of a doll or toy and it’s one of my rare pictures of people from pictures I’ve posted from vacations or whatever the answer is no, absolutely not.

Question: How many dolls do you own?
Answer: A lot!

Question: Why do you have so many dolls?
Answer: Because I like them, that’s basically it. After a long day, I get an immeasurable amount of joy just going downstairs, sitting in my little studio area and just looking at them all. Doll photography really helps me de-stress as I focus solely on it while I am doing it and it’s something I have complete control over everything else in my life can be spinning out of control but right now I’ve got my light set up, background, camera and a doll and that is what I am focusing on!

Question: How come you don’t photograph your doll displays?
Answer: I don’t like to basically ^^; . I consider my doll studio to be my private sanctuary, why would I share something so personal to me? To me it is perfect, I honestly don’t want to open it up to the community for criticism as photos of larger groups of dolls almost always seem to be met with passive aggressive comments and criticism like “omg you have way too many dolls”, “It must be nice to be rich” or appeals for cheap and/or free dolls.

Question: How do you afford all this stuff? It must be nice to be rich!
Answer: It is nice to be an adult with an okay paying job and not a lot of bills or financial responsibilities! I think sometimes people fail to take into account that I did not get all these dolls overnight, I’ve been collecting for several years. It also helps that I’m quite good at finding deals/bargains. I sell lesser loved dolls occasionally and when I do that well the money tends to go right back into more dolls.

28 Responses to Doll Facts and Questions

  1. areazel says:

    I was wondering if you know what size clothing Isul wears?

    • kleintoys says:

      I’m not so keen on the boy dolls so they tend not to have as large a wardrobe but I have noticed that Moxie boy and Monster High boy clothes will fit, Barbie stuff will fit too if you can find something not super girly looking.

  2. Charlotte says:

    I have a Pullip and did her on a obitsu, only her head is too heavy because every time she falls backwards. What can I do? I’ve had that pin in her neck was broken so I had looked all over again.

  3. Hey! I’ve been wondering if you’ve heard any update news on the J-Doll situation? I know that the most recent J-Doll had been cancelled along with a new Pullip that was to be released that same month, however I haven’t been able to find any information about the current status of my favourite Groove Line.

    • kleintoys says:

      I wrote a bit about it here I don’t officially know anything but my educated guess is that the line is done. Before the latest announced one was canceled the release schedule for them had become sporadic and from what I had seen the line was never super popular (I never saw that many owner pictures of any of them or Ai Dolls). I don’t know if they will ever make an official announcement or not but I don’t really see them continuing the line at this time.

      To my knowledge they did not cancel any Pullip releases, a Little Taeyang set to release in the same month as Province was canceled but I haven’t heard of any of the larger dolls being canceled recently .

      It’s really unfortunate as I really like J-dolls, my fifteenth is currently in the mail to me right now. I’m way behind on reviewing them here ^^;

      • Awh, that makes me super sad. I got into J-Dolls about 4 months ago and it makes me sad to hear that they’ll more than likely be discontinued. Especially considering I’m not the biggest fan of the Sasha dolls that are said to be replacing them.(The J-Dolls were honestly the only Groove dolls that were in my price point! >-< )

    • kleintoys says:

      The MSRP for J-dolls was anywhere from $80 to $160 each, on the one hand it’s awesome for people who want to buy J-doll that a lot of them have been showing up at discount prices on eBay/Amazon but Groove probably lost tons of money on it. Who is going to buy a new doll for $120 when you can get almost any the older dolls from the same line for a fraction of the cost? It would be foolish for Groove to keep releasing them just to lose money on them. It’s kind of a double-edged sword, I never paid full MSRP for a J-doll now I can track down the ones I like at a much more affordable price the flip side is there probably won’t be anymore of them.

      • This is true, the most I paid for one of my J-Dolls was about $60, but she was incredibly worth it. It is quiet a shame that still; it’s a little confusing to see these girls not sell so well – when you look at a doll like Unter Den Linden; the detail and delicacy is just mindblowing, plus the smaller heads would appeal to those who are turned off by the Pullip’s.

  4. A while ago, I ordered a pullip mio kit. I was so happy and put her together, not putting any face up or eyelashes. Every time I close her eyes, the back of the head pops out. Do I get new head screws or something else?

    • kleintoys says:

      I’m not entirely sure what would be causing this issue, when I’ve had troubles with heads before normally I just take it apart and put it back together again and it seems to resolve the majority of issues.

    • kleintoys says:

      A wig cap would hold it together, I have no idea what is causing the issue but Coolcat sells Pullip screws as an absolute worst case scenario.

      • I ordered a silicone wig cap from coolcat on eBay but how do you pay on coolcat? It just askes for your name, address, and country. Sorry if this is irrelevant to pullips.

    • kleintoys says:

      It’s been a couple of years since I have ordered from them, I believe that is all you enter and then they get back to you in a day or two to confirm a shipping quote/payment information.

  5. Shelly says:

    I just got my first pullip. Is it normal that her head doesn’t move up and down? It will move side to side. I assumed it should move up and down since my little pullips head can.

    • kleintoys says:

      Big pullip’s head isn’t as movable as little Pullips because of the eye mech which takes up a considerable amount of space in its head. All pullip does is look left to right.

  6. Ani says:

    Hello, I just recently read a comment about the company that produces Pullip, Taeyang, Dal and Isul dolls will stop the release and these dolls will disappear. Is that true?

    • kleintoys says:

      Where did you read that comment? It’s possible it’s an old comment about Jun Planning going bankrupt when the future of Pullip was in question, production was put on hold for a month while they transitioned to Groove. They have new dolls announced for the next few months and I know they are working on more and there is supposed to be a NYCC exclusive soon too.

      • Ani says:

        I hope that comment wasn’t true. I was watching this youtube channel that I follow and read a comment that someone left about groove stopping the release of dolls. I asked to this person, what was the source she got that info from but she didn’t answer. I know groove has announced new dolls. This is the link to the page where I saw that comment.

  7. Ani says:

    hmmmm…. seems like the person deleted the comment because I don’t see it anymore not even the one I left asking about it.

    • kleintoys says:

      It’s possible the Omocha Crush deleted it, I don’t think the claim has any veracity to it honestly. Groove is doing the very popular Sailor Moon collaboration right now which is selling really well, they are doing great.

  8. Trish says:

    Do you ever commission clothing for your dolls? If so, do you have any recommendations? Thank you!

    • kleintoys says:

      Yes but I tend to make seamstresses everywhere cry when I send in a request! Requiemart can do almost anything and she sews for a multitude of sizes, she also makes and sells patterns for doll sewing her website is and she sells on etsy as well, on the off chance she doesn’t have a doll size you want an outfit for if I have it we are friends and we live somewhat locally and I lend her sewing buddies all the time. Keely Cute Kimono’s mostly does wa-loli kimonos for dolls but she can take other requests as well she does a lot of sewing for people for irl people for cosplay stuff her etsy is she sews for Pullip/BJD and dollfie dream. The newest addition to the list is Spampy Stuff, she works a little differently she has several designs for different sizes and a gallery of different fabric choices and you can tell her I want this dress for x doll in this fabric and her sewing is impeccable, I commissioned three different things from her last order period including dresses for a pukipuki and a lati white and they were extremely well made despite their super tiny size.

  9. Emma says:

    Will Pullip clothes fit dal dolls?

    • kleintoys says:

      Most type 4 Pullip clothing will fit Dal it will just be a bit larger on them than it would be on Pullip, the type 3 Pullip clothing is iffier on fit some things will fit better than others.

  10. Maria says:

    Please help ,I’ve recently bought a mio kit pullip doll but only got big screws that don’t fit eye mech where and what size screws do I get and where from as cool cat has shipping fees which are very expensive all I need to know is what type of screws to use thank you for your help

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