120/365- Dal Joujou

Dal Joujou was March’s dal and she was part of a new collaboration set with Angelic Pretty. I preordered her through Entertainment Earth during their buy one get one half off doll special, even with the sale her and dal Ra Muw only ended up slightly cheaper than if I had bought through Pullipstyle but it did have the added benefit of not having to be prepaid.
I decided to name her Rini after Chibiusa’s character in the bastardized American Sailor Moon dub as her hair was reminiscent of hers. I toyed with the idea of just naming her Chibiusa but it didn’t seem to fit her quite so well.

Joujou in the box Joujou in the box Joujou in the box
Joujou’s face up suits her, it doesn’t outshine the stock nor is it a bland face up being hidden behind collab stock ( *cough* Chelsea *cough*) it’s a nice balance. I really love her pearly pink lips
Joujou in the box
One of the undeniable attractions to the Angelic Pretty collaboration dolls is of course the Angelic Pretty lolita fashions, with their whimsical prints. I rather like Joujou’s as it is a nice refreshing minty green  rather than pink/lavender which has been done to death (in my option).
Close up of the Angelic Pretty print
I am particularly fond of the delicate little shoes they pair with the Angelic Pretty dolls.
The shoes
I really love the subdued palette they chose for her.
Truthfully her hair ribbon doesn’t fit her all that well, I had a hell of a time getting it to stay in her hair no matter how many times I adjusted it.

I somewhat miss the bizareness of Maretti’s stock with the silverware attached to her hair ribbon, she makes up for it with a bunny statement piece though. The bunny is quite cute at least ^^;

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2 Responses to 120/365- Dal Joujou

  1. lovelyduckie says:

    OH! Chibified loves Angelic Pretty and posts so many images of their wonderful outfits that I’m shocked I didn’t realize that this DAL’s outfit was their design. I can completely see it now that you’ve already mentioned it though.

    • kleintoys says:

      There have been two different series of Angelic Pretty pullips, the designs seem awfully popular in the pullip community as well as the lolita community. I love the looks on the dolls but I don’t think i would ever wear something like that myself even if the prints are adorable.

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