Taeyang Gackt (Mizérable)

Taeyang Gackt is based on the singer of the same name and his appearance on his debut album Mizérable. Taeyang Gackt was available at the We ❤ Pullip event in 2013 though a limited amount became available for sale online afterwards.

Additional Information
Release: Limited Edition Release, limited to 1000 with certificate.
MSRP:  30000 yen
Release Date: 2/2013
Product Number: T-236
Feel Like So: Left all alone in time… My feelings will not reach… The smile across the window…
Face Up:
IMG_0263Eyechips: Blue Eyechips
Eyelids: Black Eyeliner
IMG_0267Wig: Brown wig
Stock: Taeyang Gackt’s stock consists of a shirt, cravat, vest, pants, coat, boots, gloves and a cape.
IMG_0276Body Type: Namu/Taeyang body
Stand: Gold Plastic Stand
Special Notes: None
Known Issues: Staining
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Promotional Photos these photos were taken from Groove’s Blog