Dal DeLorean

d135-1Dal DeLorean is a part of the Multinic doll series. The Multinic series debuted with Isul Tete’s release in November of 2011, followed by the release of Pullip Yona in January of 2012 and the series concluded with the simultaneous releases of Dal DeLorean & Byul Stefie. The Multinic series was said to be inspired by Mango Park’s trip to Europe and Mongolia.

Additional Information
Release: Standard Monthly Release
MSRP: 12000 yen
Release Date: 3/2012
Product Number: D-135
Feel Like So: The moon that I see… will shine you and I gold no matter how far we are!!!
Face Up:
Eyes: Dark green eye chips
Wig: Brassy copper wig (hard to describe the color), with small braids on either side.
Stock: DeLorean’s stock consists of a hoodie, shirt, jumper skirt, underwear, purse, socks, clogs and heart hair clip.
Dal DeLorean Stock
Body Type: Dal/Byul body
Stand: Light pink Plastic Stand
Special Notes: None
Known Issues: None
Similar Doll Recommendations: Other dolls in the Multinic series which includes Pullip Yona, Isul Tete & Byul Stefie.

Promotional Photos these photos were taken from Groove’s Blog.
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