Taeyang Face Up Index

This is a face up index for Taeyang please note this is a work in progress to be completed as my free time allows. As this is just an index, I just chose to list the model name here If you are interested in learning more about the releases please see the release list here.

2006 Releases
Photos I need to take- Sage, Filato & Shade

MJModel- MJ, photos contributed by – CornflowerblueTimulus
TimulusModel- Timulus, photos contributed by- CornflowerblueModel- Cavalie, Photo contributed by- Amanda

2007 Releases
Photos I need to take- Another King
Photos I am seeking contributions for – Maguna

nullModel- Missionary, photo contributed by *NattheCat*IMG_1389Model- LeadButlerModel-Butler, photo contributed by *NattheCat*Hash
HashModel- Hash, photos contributed by- CornflowerbluenullModel- Edward Scissorhands, photo contributed by Missmandylynne

2008 Releases
Photos I need to take- Horizon, Scarecrow, Tinman, Cowardly Lion & Tantus
Photos I’m seeking contributions for-
Model- Sol, photos contributed by CornflowerBlue

KaiModel- Seiran, photo contributed by- Cornflowerblue AlbericAlbericModel- Alberic, photo contributed by- Cornflowerblue

2009 Releases
Photos I need to take- Arion, Sebastian & Captain Hook

Rayne closeModel- Rayne, Photo contributed by TruefanSebastianModel- Sebastian Private Teacher Version, Photo contributed by *NatTheCat*Model- Richt, Photo contributed by Amanda

2010 Releases
Photos I am seeking contributions of- Wati

Nosferatu Face UpModel- Nosferatupullipsandjunk_reference__600_pixels_wide__by_white_ginger_lily-d7gvcfuModel- Gyro, Photo contributed by KikiWatiModel- Wati, Photo contributed by CornflowerblueLunatic White Rabbit
Lunatic White RabbitModel- Lunatic White Rabbit, Photo contributed by CornflowerblueArashiModel- Arashi, photo contributed by Cornflowerblue
wayne face upModel- Wayne

2011 Releases
Photos I need to take- Alfred & Raiki
Photos I am seeking contributions of- Demon Kogure, Xenon Ishikawa, Sgt. Luke Takamyra, Raiden Yuzawa, Jail O’Hashi, Ama, Black Jack & Black Jack black coat version
Chousokabe MotochikaModel- Chousokabe Motochika
IMG_9883Model- Romantic Mad HatterBlack JackBlack JackModel- Black Jack, photo is contributed by CornflowerBlue

2012 Releases
Photos I am seeking contibutions for- Hide Doubt Version, Hide Doubt Version Limited Version, Taeyangfold VI, Hide PsyenceTaeyang Natsume face upModel- NatsumeHide - Rocket DiveHide - Rocket DiveModel- Hide Rocket Drive Version, photo contributed by CornflowerBlueWilly closeModel- Willy Wonka, photo contributed by TruefanbatmanfaceupbatmanfaceuplidsModel- Batman, photo contributed by menolly13Mad Hatter du Jardin closeModel- Mad Hatter du Jardin, photo contributed by TruefanTaeyang PlutoModel- Pluto

2013 Releases
Photos I am seeking contributions of-  Twilight Destiny, Ougon Kishi Garo & Suzumura Rei
Taeyang ValkoModel- ValkoAndre GrandierModel- Andre Grandier, photo contributed by CornflowerBlueGacktModel- Gackt, photo contributed by CornflowerBluePrince Ramiro Face UpModel- RamiroHitsugiModel- HitsugiSakitoModel- SakitoTaeyang Ruka Face UpModel- RukaNi-ya Face UpModel- Ni-ya

2014 Taeyangs: AKIRA x Destinee de la Rose, Michan Gothic Mode Version & Michan Pajama Version
Taeyang AKIRA x Destinee de la RoseModel- Taeyang Akira x Destinee de la Rose
Mi-chan face upModel- Mi-chan Pajama Version

Sebastian ~Book of Circus~ Version, Tuxedo Mask, Koichi & Undertaker
Book of Circus SebastianModel-Sebastian ~Book of Circus~ Version Tuxedo Mask Face upModel- Tuxedo MaskUndertaker Face Up Model- Undertaker

Grell, Dodo, Albireo & ReonHARDT
Taeyang Grell Face UpModel- GrellTaeyang Dodo in Steampunk World Face UpModel- DodoReonHARDTModel- ReonHARDT

I’m currently seeking contributions of photos for the following dolls-  Sol, Richt, Kain, Wayne, Raiki, Ama, Hide Doubt, Hide Doubt Limited Version, Taeyangfold VI, Hide Psyence, Demon Kogure, Xenon, Luke, Raiden, Jail, Twilight Destiny, Ethan, Ougon Kishi Garo, Suzumura Rei, Mi-chan Gothic Mode Version, Koichi & Albireo


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