Pullip Premium

Starting in 2016, Premium Pullip is the latest line to be introduced by Groove. The new line features designs of popular previous releases but with some new designs incorporated into it as well as new colors.

Premium Pullip Kiyomi Mint Ice Cream version and the original Pullip Kiyomi.

The original Pullip Kiyomi was released in May of 2012, the Premium version of Kiyomi was released in March of 2016.

Premium Pullip Romantic Alice Monochrome and the original Pullip Romantic Alice Blue Version

Pullip Romantic Alice blue version was released in July of 2011, the Premium version of Romantic Alice was released in May of 2016. Note a pink version of Pullip Romantic Alice was also released later in 2011 but the Premium version seems to be based off of the original version.

Premium Pullip Veritas Crimson Version and the original Pullip Veritas.

Pullip Veritas was released in November of 2007, the new Premium version of Pullip Veritas was released in June of 2016.

Last updated 7.20.2016