Isul Face Up Index

This is a face up index for Isul please note this is a work in progress to be completed as my free time allows. This page is designed as a reference for anyone who wants to see close ups of the face ups of the different doll releases, many times eyebrows and other features can remain completely hidden in the promotional photos so I’ve been working on collecting as clear as possible close ups of each of the doll’s faces.  As this is just an index, I just chose to list the model name here. I know if I am personally on the fence about a doll, seeing a nice clear shot of the face up may be just what I need to make a decision.  If you are interested in learning more about the releases please see the release list here. Photos taken by me unless stated otherwise.

Isul Apollo Face UpModel- Apollo

Jimmy X Face Up Model- Isul Jimmy X

Duke face up Model- Isul Duke

Isul Hamilton Face upModel- Hamilton

Vesselle Model- Vesselle

IMG_2237 Model- Mori Motinori

Mao's FaceupModel- Mao, photo contributed by- Whimsu

IMG_9529 Model- Sith

Romantic King Isul Face Up Model- Romantic King
Tete Face UpModel- Tete

Johan Face Up Model- Johan

Kazuya Kujo Model- Kazuya Kujo

White Rabbit du Jardin White Rabbit du Jardin Model- White Rabbit du Jardin Photo contributed by CornflowerBlue
Deja Vu Model- Midnight Deja Vu

LirModel- Lir

Isul HednarModel-Hednar

Akira face upModel- Shiraishi Akira

Retro Johan Face upModel- Johan Retro Memory Version

Nekoneko MaomaoModel- Nekoneko Maomao

IMG_0510Model- Souji Okita
Classical Mad HatterModel- Classical Mad Hatter

Nostalgia LirModel- Lir Nostalgia Version

Nostalgia Lir Versus LirComparison of Nostalgia Lir and Lir

Isul Milk TeaModel- Milk Tea

LightModel- Light

Isul YomiModel- Yomi

IMG_9297 Model- Fairy Lumiere

Isul Helios Face upModel- Helios

CedricModel- Cedric

IMG_0054 Model- Glen

Verhelmo Face UpModel- Vermelho

Isul Gosomi Face UpModel- Beary Fairy Gosomi

Isul Steampunk White RabbitModel- White Rabbit in Steampunk World

Isul Ciel Face UpModel- Ciel Smile Version

Petit Prince Face UpModel- Le Petit Prince

Isul Hansel Face UpModel- Hansel

Isul Eder Face Up Model- Eder

Caros Model- Caros

IMG_1407 Model- Yagen Toushirou

IMG_1405 Model- Helios

IMG_6163 Model- Yun
I currently need to photograph- None!

6 Responses to Isul Face Up Index

  1. LibertyLove says:

    Not quite sure how i could get it to you but i have Jimmy X so i could take a reference pic.

    • kleintoys says:

      If nothing else you can email it to me at atashi.saikano at or pullipsandjunk at and I can upload it via wordpress and list you as the source. Thanks.

  2. Kiki says:

    I sent an email with Isul Hednar’s faceup to Did you get it?

    • kleintoys says:

      Hi, yes thank you sorry for late reply the past week has been a bit crazy for me. The photo will be added shortly, thanks so much for the contribution 🙂

  3. Sleepy Cherub says:

    Hi there~ Are you are looking for photo contributions for the Isul? I have a Johan Isul and I have pictures of his face up. 😀

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