G1 Collection
I had an obscene number of My Little Ponies when I was a little girl, but those are all boxed up in the depths of the attic somewhere. I recently became interested in the My Little Pony Friendship is Magic tv series/line of toys and decided to start collecting My Little Pony. My collecting focus is primarily on the G4s but I have started collecting my favorites from the other generations now as well.
Top Row (from left to right): Nibbles, Dibbles, Custom, Sleep Tight & Sleepy Head
Bottom Row (from left to right): Snookums, Sniffles, Sniffles, Snookums, Sniffles & Dangles
Top Row (from left to right): Cutesaurus the Dinosaur, Oakly the Moose, Edgar the Elephant, Chacha the Llama, Kingley the Lion, Zigzag the Zebra, Spunky the unfortunately named Camel & Creamsicle the Giraffe
Bottom Row (from left to right): Applejack (UK), Applejack, Baby Applejack (UK), Baby Pockets & Baby Hoppy, Baby Fleecy & Baby Wooly, Baby Stripes  & Baby Nectar, Baby Leaf and Baby Lucky Leaf
Top Row (from left to right): Lickety Split, Baby Lickety Split, Baby Flicker, Little Flitter, Sky Dancer, Lemon Treats, Stripes, Raincurl & Ringlet
Bottom Row (from left to right): Firefly, Baby Firefly, Baby Northstar, Baby Bouncy, Baby Sweetstuff, Baby Snippy, Baby Ember, Baby Ember, Baby Surprise, Baby Quackers, Baby Nightcap, Baby Sunribbon, Baby Gusty, Baby Glory & Baby Moondancer


Top Row (from left to right): Flower Bouquet, Bridal Beauty, Up, Up and Away, Sugarberry, Sundance, TAF Sundance, Cotton Candy & Bowtie (UK)
Bottom Row (from left to right): Skydancer, Moonstone, Windy, Galaxy Fizzy, Speedy, Pillowtalk & Bubbles

Not pictured: Half-Beat

Close Ups of Individual Ponies

G1 Applejacks
My Little Pony- Applejack & Baby Applejack (UK exclusive)
320/365 Baby Firefly
My Little Pony- Baby Firefly
Baby Moondancer & Baby Glory
My Little Pony- Baby Moondancer & Baby Glory
Baby Northstar
My Little Pony- Baby Northstar
Baby Sunribbon
My Little Pony- Baby Sunribbon
My Little Pony- Baby Quackers
My Little Pony- Baby Surprise
Baby Lucky Leaf
My Little Pony Lucky Leaf
My Little Pony- Firefly
My Little Pony- Ringlet
My Little Pony Friend G1 Creamsicle
My Little Pony Friend- Creamsicle
My Little Camel...
My Little Pony Friend- Spunky
My Little Moose?
My Little Pony Friend- Oakly
My Little Pony Friend- Kingsley
Zig Zag
My Little Pony Friend- Zig Zag
My Little Llama
My Little Pony Friend- Cha Cha


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