What is Yeolume? Yeolume is Pullip’s daughter from the future. Yeolume was not a Groove doll, Mango Park’s company Ars Gratia Artis owns the rights to Yeolume  but she was distributed by Groove.  The first Yeolume was released in February of 2013, only two Yeolume were released before the line was placed on hiatus it is not known at this time if more Yeolume will be released in the future.

Unlike the other dolls in the line, she did not have a fully articulated body her body was more similar to Blythe with bendy style limbs (a full comparison post with other dolls in the line can be seen here). Yeolume was able to move her eyes from side to side but is unable to close or blink her eyes. Yeolume is approximately eighteen centimeters or slightly over seven inches tall.

Yeolume Profile
Age: 10
Nationality: South Korea
Blood Type: O
Occupation: Elementary School Student
Personality: Cute, Sweet
Family: Pullip Future Daughter
Favorites: Pang Ju, Dressups, Cutumes, magic, Doll collecting, Mama’s rice

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