93/365- Ra Muw Dal

Ra Muw was another one of the dolls I received for my birthday, I decided to debox her today. Ra Muw  was a part of the limited edition Steampunk series of pullips and company released over the past 10 months ago or so. She was just recently released back in February.
93/365- Verne
I decided to name her Verne, after the novelist Jules Verne (Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea, etc)  one of the many influences behind Steampunk.

Verne is Ra Muw #890/2000.
Ra Muw Ra Muw Ra Muw
Ra Muw came with a fair bit of stock as well as steampunk bits, though honestly I’m not entirely sure what the snorkel-like thing is really supposed to be.
Ra Muw
I really love Ra Muw’s face up. Her face up really suits the doll, unlike Akoya who had an awesome face up but disappointing stock Ra Muw is the whole perfect package.
I’m happy to report that while Eos’ stock literally fell apart on me as soon as I deboxed her, Ra Muw’s stock seems to be of slightly higher quality.
I love how her coloring and the colors in her stock work so well together.
I really love the almost rust color that they chose for her wig.

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3 Responses to 93/365- Ra Muw Dal

  1. nathan says:

    The pictures look to have come out quite well, I can’t wait to see a picture of all the steampunks together, should be awesome!

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