Isul White Rabbit in Steampunk World announced!

Groove just announced the latest doll in their Alice in Wonderland x Steampunk series via their blog earlier tonight. Isul White Rabbit will be the third doll released in the Alice in Steampunk World series. The White Rabbit has been announced for an August release in Japan (September for us here in the US) and has a MSRP of 18000 yen.

whiterabbitIsul’s rabbit ears are kind of a neat concept, they remind me of a vintage pilot’s hat but with the addition of quite improbable clockwork bunny ears instead of goggles. The hat appears to be fully lined.
I really love his face up, I love the fusion of colors in his eye make up as well as his peachy lips and blushing. The only thing I’m not in love with him about him are those pink eyechips, I think he would look so much better with reddish brown eyechips I guess that is an easy enough problem to fix when I get him eventually.
Without the rabbit ears, he looks like a dapper young steampunk fellow. I love the different textures and patterns they used to make up his outfit. I’m not quite sure that the gold cowboy boots would have been my first choice for shoes but I must admit they do work with the outfit.

I’m actually pretty excited about him which kind of surprised me as I almost thought that I didn’t need any more Isuls unfortunately for my wallet Groove had to announce this boy. Now if only the Dal from this series that got teased to us at Doll Party would be confirmed for release!

I will update when he becomes available for preorder via Pullipstyle/JPGroove.

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