New Pullip Announced Alice in Steampunk World

Groove recently announced a new Pullip via their blog. Pullip Alice in Steampunk World  is a combination of two very popular themes for Pullip, Alice in Wonderland and Steampunk World. Groove and Jun Planning before it really seem to have a special fondness for Alice in Wonderland, a total of 11 dolls (Alice in Steamland World will be #12)  have been released of the titular character  has been released and that is not including minis (6) or dolls based on other characters from the story (there are so many I’m afraid I’ve lost count). Although both of her themes (steampunk & Alice in Wonderland) are both themes we have seen before on Pullip, Alice is still kind of unique and special because she is the first non-collaboraton original Ars Gratia Artis designed doll announced to be released so far this year.
Steampunk AliceRiding on the steam locomotive ,,, Clockwork I wonder Let chasing the white rabbit …..
Alice in Steampunk World is scheduled for a June release in Japan (July in the US) and has a MSRP of 18000 yen.
Judging from this photo from Doll Show 43 that Groove had posted to their blog recently, it seems as though Pullip in Steamland World may be the first doll in a new series of Alice themed dolls. It seems like we may get a matching Alice Dal as well as possibly a Mad Hatter Pullip? I keep on hoping and praying that Groove will eventually release a Pullip Cheshire Cat, how awesome would a Steampunk themed Cheshire Cat be? The potential on that one is pretty mind blowing.

Let’s take a closer look…
Steampunk AliceI actually think she is quite beautiful, I’m very excited for her release but I love in Alice in Wonderland. I like the combination of the themes though I feel like a little more should have been done to bring in the steampunk theme a little more. I know a lot of people criticize Groove for releasing so many Alice in Wonderland themed dolls but they are obviously selling pretty well and are very popular. At the same time I can definitely understand why long-term collectors would be frustrated as there have been so many Alices. I wish Groove would release more original releases and do less collaborations overall so that it would be less frustrating when the first non-collab of the year is announced and she is based on something we have seen before rather frequently. I fear that she may end up being under-appreciated just because she is Alice, which is a pity as she is an absolutely gorgeous doll.
P151_08_mail Back of the dress!
Steampunk Alice I really love her face up. A lot of time with the dolls with more elaborate stock outfits can be somewhat underwhelming in the face up department but that definitely does not seem to be the case here. Her face up is definitely very Alice-y but it’s different from the multiple Alices that have preceded her. Her wig appears to be multi-toned which is also pretty interesting.
P151_10_mailI love her dress!
Steampunk AliceAlice in Steampunk World looks like she would be a great addition to any Alice in Wonderland and/or steampunk loving Pullip fan’s collection, I love Alice in Wonderland and preorders can not open fast enough for me! I will be sure to update here when Alice in Steampunk World becomes available for preorder via Pullipstyle and JPGroove.

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5 Responses to New Pullip Announced Alice in Steampunk World

  1. Olive says:

    Oh my gob. I may need to get the dal if they release her. I love their stock!

  2. Alexis says:

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Aghhhhhhhhh! Okay I literally died when I saw the photos on your Flickr. My two favourite themes Alice in wonderland and steampunk COMBINED, I’ve been hoping that groove would do this since I got into pullips. AND (oooh using and next to a full stop such a rebel) I dk if you remember but I’m pretty sure I put a comment on your blog like ages ago asking if you can submit ideas to groove as I wanted to suggest a steampunk Alice series. AND THEY DID IT! Ghfththfngfthjfhjthjhtghjfjjyg

    P.S: I totally agree with you, a steampunk Cheshire Cat would be the best thing ever (love the Cheshire Cat) when I first saw the second pic I thought the pullip on the right would be steampunk queen? Idk, I was thinking they would do a steampunk mad hatter just that it would be a Taeyang or isul like normal (omg steampunk Taeyang mad hatter kinda like Pluto but more Alice in wonderlandy) XD. Also how amazing would a steampunk white rabbit isul be! =^+^=

  3. Vanichu says:

    I may be in the minority here, but I’m not too fond of this Alice ^^; I love Alices and I don’t care how many they release. Unfortunately, I found this Alice rather to be a little plain. I was hoping for more decorative items and what not to be part of her design. The Pullip with grey hair on her right looked more interesting! (Is it just me, or does she resemble a lot like Classical Alice Sepia?
    Anyway, I do love Alice’s face up and stock wig.

  4. Rose says:

    They are goregeous *-*

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