125/365-….and then there was an Isul

I finally managed to acquire an Isul, Isul is the newest addition to the pullip family. He is Pullip’s younger brother. So far only a handful of Isuls have been released, I eventually have intentions of having the entire steampunk set so the debut release Apollo caught my attention.
125/365- Jules and Verne (Steampunk Isul and Dal)
Here is my Apollo with his new friend Ra Muw, I had named her Verne after the author Jules Verne. I ended up naming him Jules as no other name seemed to fit him as aptly.

Isul Apollo Isul Apollo in the box Isul Apollo
Apollo is apart of the steampunk line of dolls, so his stock shows a lot of steampunk influence and he comes with a bunch of random steampunk accessories. I had a really hard time with his eye piece, it did not really want to stay on his head  I got very frustrated with it ^^; I ended up giving up and using Ra Muw’s goggles instead for some of the pictures.
Isul Apollo Face Up
Isul’s face sculpt is fairly similar to Pullip’s, they actually look they are related as opposed to Dal and Taeyang. I liked Apollo’s face up the best out of the released Isul’s so far. Isul is already a little girly and it would be very easy to make him too girly but Apollo’s face up works wonderfully for him. Unlike Dal and Byul, Isul does actually have a blinking mechanism.
I’m glad I was finally able to get my hands on an Isul to play with, I had been admiring photos of him but wasn’t quite sure how I would like one in real life.

The accursed lens piece is interesting but I think it’s a little too big as mine absolutely would not stay where it was supposed to for more than a few seconds.
I quite like him but I’m a bit of a dolly sexist, I highly prefer female dolls over male dolls so don’t expect to see too many more Isul’s around here. I may eventually get the Isul from the Dollte Porte set as he is quite dashing.
Jules and Verne

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