July Pullip Releases- Cinderella & Steampunk

July Pullip releases were revealed today, a new Cinderella series was revealed and the next two dolls in the Steampunk Project Season 2 ~ eclipse~ series were revealed.
All in all it is looking like July may become a very expensive month, between the number of quality releases as well as the price tags.

Pullip Dahlia Cinderella MSRP: 14,700 yen
Dahlia Cinderella is the central character in the new Cinderella series of Pullips. I must admit I’m surprised to see Cinderella already being released when the Snow White series of dolls hasn’t been completed yet (unless they canceled the rest of the clown/dwarfs T_T).  All in all she is pretty cute if a bit underwhelming but she is kind of supposed to be as this is Cinderella before she gets transformed by her fairy Godmother.
I have to say Cinderella’s pre-transformation outfit is a lot cuter than I anticipated, I expected something a lot plainer.
Cinderella’s face up is pretty nice, I really love the eye make up and what I can see of the eyebrows and I even love the lip color. My only really complaint is the lip shape, Pullips all more or less use the same mold the only really difference is the paint which can be used to seemingly give Pullip new mouth shapes depending on just how it is painted. I really appreciate it when they try and shake things up a bit and make a new mouth shape but I feel like her lower lip is just a bit too thin.
I was personally kind of surprised about how high the MSRP for Dahlia Cinderella is, I was anticipating comparable pricing to the Snow White releases for this series especially for this particular doll whose stock is well not as elaborate as some of the Snow White releases. If the basic Dahlia Cinderella is this expensive, I fear the pricing of the second Cinderella release in full evening gown. The Snow White dolls seem like a better value.

Isul Fairy Lumiere MSRP: 14,700 yen
Isul is Cinderella’s fairy Godmother. It seems Isul can’t catch a break when he isn’t being put in a dress, he is dressing up like a fairy.
The details on his stock are quite nice, there are even little flowers seemingly embroidered on his cape . The color palette is pretty nice too though I think plain white boots would have been a better choice as the gold glittery boots may be a bit over the top.
Fairy Lumiere is quite pretty, at least. His eye make up is quite nice and I love the way they painted his lips. His blue eyes are very striking.
I still think Isul was an odd choice for the fairy Godmother but I will say that he is nicely put together, I just wish they would have at least given him a manlier hair style without the flipped curls ^^;

Byul Clorinda MSRP: 14,700 yen
Byul Clorinda is one of Dahlia Cinderella’s evil step-sisters. She is quite nice but she doesn’t quite live up to the other as of yet announced Dal step-sister seen in the Groove promotional video who looks absolutely stellar.
I like Clorinda’s stock color palette, the colors are kind of refreshing as you don’t see them combined very often but they complement each other nicely.
Clorinda’s face up is pretty nice, the major stumbling block for most people with Byul tends to be her mouth which can look overly pouty but they de-emphasized them nicely with this release. Her lips remind me a bit of Byul Pinoko’s (see face up pic- here).
I’m not completely sold on the beauty mark, I think it’s a cool little detail just not the biggest fan of it’s placement.

Little Byul Garcon Rat MSRP: 5040 yen
Little Byul Garcon Rat is Cinderella’s only friend. Garcon is absolutely precious, I don’t have a Little Byul at all yet as there have not been many releases yet to choose from but I think I can safely say this will be my first one. I think she has the highest MSRP we have ever seen attached to a mini but she is pretty darn cute so I don’t think it’s going to be that much of a deterrent.
The face up style looks pretty nice on a byul, it’s almost a shame they didn’t save the style for a full-sized release.

Dal Icarus MSRP: 18,900 yen
I think, I may be in love! The other steampunk dal, Ra Muw was nice but no where near as nice as Icarus .
The design for Icarus is amazing, the wings are just spectacular and the headdress (for lack of a better word) is pretty cool looking too. I love her mask and how it hooks up to the device on her chest. The color palette with it’s touches of red is really nice too.
I absolutely LOVE what I can see of Icarus’ face up so far, that eye make up is to die for and I love the piercing blue eyes contrasting against the cherry red hair. I can’t get over how much the red hair really makes the blue eyes really pop.
My only complaint about Icarus is none of the promotional photos of her released at this time show her mouth, I can only assume she has one. I’m hoping for dark red lipstick on her personally but you never really know what could be lurking under that mask, I don’t think I’ll get her myself until I see pictures of what is hiding underneath that mask.

Byul Moirai MSRP: 18,900 yen
Last but certainly not least is Byul Moirai. Moirai is absolutely fabulous, I could not be more in love with this release from the stellar stock to the monotone-esque face up. Everything just seems to complement each other spectacularly with this release.
Moirai’s stock has a lot of really interesting mix of textures going on, there is leather (faux, I assume) and lace and even a cheetah print lining for the hat.
Moirai has red fingernails which make for an interesting little pop of color compared to her rather subdued color palette.
I will admit that I have a bit of a soft spot for Byul, I consider her to be quite interesting because she isn’t the prettiest member of the Pullip family (that title seems to belong to Isul) but she consistently has some of the well thought out, most put together and well done releases.

Verdict: Barring something catastrophic like bright pink opalescent lips being revealed underneath that mask, I think Dal Icarus and Byul Moirai are going to be the must get priorities for me. Little Byul Rat Garcon and Pullip Cinderella Dahlia also rank pretty highly on my priority list while the Isul fairy Godmother and Byul stepsister are nice they are ranked a bit lower and I may or may not eventually pick them up. July is going to be one hell of an expensive month T_T

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3 Responses to July Pullip Releases- Cinderella & Steampunk

  1. I’m absolutely in love with Lumiere and Icarus…I think one of those two may be my first Pullip doll ever. Lumiere reminds me of Juvia from Fairy Tail. If I get Lumiere I’ll end up pretending he’s Juvia most likely. Hahaha!

  2. bea jai says:

    I just have to quote:

    “I think, I may be in love! The other steampunk dal, Ra Muw was nice but no where near as nice as Icarus .”

    This! I am also, and I hope to see her lips first. Wae the suspense Groove?
    I do hope it’s a perfect match to her!

    “I will admit that I have a bit of a soft spot for Byul, I consider her to be quite interesting because she isn’t the prettiest member of the Pullip family (that title seems to belong to Isul) but she consistently has some of the well thought out, most put together and well done releases.”

    That is almost always true. Most of Byul’s stock are really pretty, especially the Steampunk ones! I can also say that the lolita outfits are pretty too.

    And I agree, that is one heck of an expensive month. I do hope prices go downhill from there, or if not, it may be the Pullip hobby. It’s getting hard to keep up with those steep prices.

    • kleintoys says:

      I’m hopeful that Icarus’ lips won’t be a disappointment. Sometimes I wish Groove would pay more attention to some of the other releases than Byul as they always seem to go all out on her and sometimes Dal seems to get kind of haphazardly put together.

      As Pullip prices soar, I have definitely become a lot more selective about who joins my crew.

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