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Update on Pullip MIO/Make It Own Kits

This spring Pullip MIO or Make It Own have become exceptionally hard to find, Pullipstyle had been anticipating a restock of the kits later this month but they posted an update on their facebook page earlier today saying that the kits … Continue reading

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Doll Show 48 Upcoming Pullip Releases on Display

Groove shared a photo of some of their upcoming doll releases that were on display at Doll Show 48 via their twitter account yesterday. I’m very happy that Groove decided to share the photo so that we could all get … Continue reading

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JPGroove Pullip Special

JPGroove is now running a special from now until 12/5/2016 11:59 PM PDT, for every $100 you spend you get a $20 reward code good towards a future order that is good until December 31st, 2016 source . If I didn’t already … Continue reading

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Innocent Flowers Pullip Sweet Eve

I was extremely fortunate to recently receive a few dolls from JPGroove to review, Pullip Sweet Eve was one of two dolls that I received. The other doll Pullip Alice in Steampunk World will be the next doll to be … Continue reading

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Le Petit Prince x Alice and the Pirates Isul Announced!

Groove announced the start of a new collaboration series via their blog last night, the new series is a triple collaboration between Groove, Le Petit Prince and Alice & the Pirates. This new collaboration series seems to be commemorating the … Continue reading

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Tiny Anthro BJD Pang-ju Black Russian-Pang

Pang-ju are a small anthro ball jointed doll made by Groove, the same company that makes Pullip. It should be noted that they are made of ABS plastic rather than resin, they are also non-gendered with some releases being styled … Continue reading

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Tiny Anthro BJD Pang-ju Flower-pang

Pang-ju are tiny anthro bjds made by Groove, they resemble a Chihuahua or maybe a cat? Last year, I bought Cranberry-Pang who I reviewed here I actually quite liked the little darling and had been pining for more particularly Flower-Pang and … Continue reading

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Older/Rare Pullip Sale at JPGroove

JPGroove has recently unearthed some rare/older Pullips in one of their old warehouses in Hong Kong and have listed them on their website for sale. It should be noted that because these dolls are older they are sold as is, … Continue reading

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Sailor Moon x Pullip – Pullip Luna details announced!

Groove recently announced the details for the release of Pullip Luna via their blog. Luna’s full model name has been revealed as Luna the Moon Princess Lover Version, I will continue to refer to her simply as Luna as her … Continue reading

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Isul White Rabbit in Steampunk World announced!

Groove just announced the latest doll in their Alice in Wonderland x Steampunk series via their blog earlier tonight. Isul White Rabbit will be the third doll released in the Alice in Steampunk World series. The White Rabbit has been announced … Continue reading

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