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Puella Magi Madoka Magica Little Dal Kyubey

I really love mini pullips and dal but I find that I don’t really do all that much with them, they have the nasty tendency to just sit on the shelf, look cute and well not much else honestly. I … Continue reading

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August Mini Pullip/Dal Releases- Panty & Stocking Collaboration

Groove Inc is starting a new line of mini Pullips and Dals called Docolla (doll+ collaboration), the first two releases are the iconic Panty & Stocking from the rather insane Gainax show Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt. These two along with … Continue reading

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95/365- LPS Blythe Autumn Glam & Takara Petite Blythe Squiggly Squirrel

For my birthday, I had asked for a “real” Takara Petite Blythe as I had a number of the LPS Blythes and I was curious how they compared to the real thing. I had asked for and received a Squiggly … Continue reading

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66/365- Follow the White Rabbits

I’m skipping ahead slightly again… I’ve been wanting to finish off my collection of the newer Alice mini pullip/dals for a while by getting Little Pullip Dormouse and Little Dal White Rabbit but White Rabbit just never seemed to be … Continue reading

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News from Doll Carnival

Doll Carnival was held this past Sunday in Japan, there was a lot of interesting news for pullip collectors this year. Pullip’s long awaited baby brother Isul has finally been revealed. Isul, was actually first announced alongside Byul and a … Continue reading

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February’s Pullip Line Up

February’s diverse line up of pullip and company has been officially announced. Pullip Jaldet is a gothic mermaid?The tail looks a tad ridiculous to me ^^; I have to say I never expected this release, I am amused with Groove’s creativity. She … Continue reading

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365 Doll Project Part 11

Still trying to make up for lost time ^^; Sorry I have been neglected these weekly posts. Not really that much of note happened this week other than the earth shattering news that Papin has finally sold out (as well … Continue reading

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Doll Meet @ Animadness

I went to a dolly meet yesterday at AniMadness it had been quite some time since my last doll meet so I was pretty excited about it. Although my last visit to the store was in February, the last doll … Continue reading

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136/365- More new arrivals

A couple of packages arrived yesterday, they were fairly small but they had an interesting variety of stuff in them. My Lum figma arrived via ems from Hobbysearch, everything else came from HLJ. As more time goes on I am … Continue reading

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June Pullip Releases Announced (Steampunk +)

Groove Inc officially announced the June dolls a few days ago now, I have been busy though so I haven’t had a chance to post them until just now. Groove Inc has made the decision to have the European pullip … Continue reading

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