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Puella Magi Madoka Magica Little Dal Kyubey

I really love mini pullips and dal but I find that I don’t really do all that much with them, they have the nasty tendency to just sit on the shelf, look cute and well not much else honestly. I … Continue reading

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August Mini Pullip/Dal Releases- Panty & Stocking Collaboration

Groove Inc is starting a new line of mini Pullips and Dals called Docolla (doll+ collaboration), the first two releases are the iconic Panty & Stocking from the rather insane Gainax show Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt. These two along with … Continue reading

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95/365- LPS Blythe Autumn Glam & Takara Petite Blythe Squiggly Squirrel

For my birthday, I had asked for a “real” Takara Petite Blythe as I had a number of the LPS Blythes and I was curious how they compared to the real thing. I had asked for and received a Squiggly … Continue reading

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66/365- Follow the White Rabbits

I’m skipping ahead slightly again… I’ve been wanting to finish off my collection of the newer Alice mini pullip/dals for a while by getting Little Pullip Dormouse and Little Dal White Rabbit but White Rabbit just never seemed to be … Continue reading

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News from Doll Carnival

Doll Carnival was held this past Sunday in Japan, there was a lot of interesting news for pullip collectors this year. Pullip’s long awaited baby brother Isul has finally been revealed. Isul, was actually first announced alongside Byul and a … Continue reading

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February’s Pullip Line Up

February’s diverse line up of pullip and company has been officially announced. Pullip Jaldet is a gothic mermaid?The tail looks a tad ridiculous to me ^^; I have to say I never expected this release, I am amused with Groove’s creativity. She … Continue reading

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365 Doll Project Part 11

Still trying to make up for lost time ^^; Sorry I have been neglected these weekly posts. Not really that much of note happened this week other than the earth shattering news that Papin has finally sold out (as well … Continue reading

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