Steampunk Byul Rhiannon

I recently purchased Steampunk Byul Rhiannon as well as Dollte Porte Isul Vesselle and some Pullip puzzles from HLJ during their Groove Inc sale. All told after conversion and ems shipping the order ended up costing around $200, not too bad. I had, had my eye on the Steampunk Byul since she was announced but I try to prioritize purchasing Pullip and Dal so I hadn’t quite gotten around to getting her yet; the sale seemed like an excellent excuse to finally buy Rhiannon.
I named my Rhiannon, Nehalem as I’m honestly out of even somewhat normal names at this point. After a week without a name, I was listening to Everclear when the song Nehalem came on and somehow it just seemed to fit her.
Byul RhiannonByul RhiannonByul Rhiannon
I received Rhiannon 141/2000 I was kind of surprised that I got such a low number.  Rhiannon’s stock is nice quality, I especially love her face mask. I had actually thought she was wearing a skirt, but she actually wears ruffled pants were pretty darn cool. Rhiannon’s wig quality is surprisingly nice, I was slightly worried about the quality would be like especially since fellow Steampunk Eos’ wig was extremely poor quality  but it’s very soft and manageable.
Byul Rhiannon
I really love her face up. I’m a big fan of byul because while they may not be the prettiest of the Groove dolls, they just have so much personality I will say one of the major complaints against byul is that she has fishy lips, they look a lot less fishy when her lips are only lined partially like Rhiannon’s. I suspect in time, Rhiannon will be one of the most popular byuls. I like byul so much that I’d eventually love to run a byul only photo contest.Nehalem
Nehalem looks quite intimidating with her face mask on. I personally think she is scarier than last year’s Comic-con’s byul Lilith.
Rhiannon comes with a parasol, parasols used to be pretty rare but lately Groove Inc has been pretty parasol happy including one in with Rhiannon, Leroy and I believe either a Pullip or Dal had one recently as well.
Rhiannon definitely has one of the most mature looking faces of the byuls.
More pictures on my Flickr

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10 Responses to Steampunk Byul Rhiannon

  1. vanie says:

    You should run a byul photo contest! I would totally participate! 🙂 I love Byul! XD

    • kleintoys says:

      I definitely will at some point, I’m just not sure when. I love byul and I hate that she is so under appreciated, I think a photo contest would create more interest in her.

  2. Donna says:

    I dream of buying the whole Steampunk series too ❤
    Byul Rhiannon got scary eyes though :/

    I really love your blog!

    • kleintoys says:

      The steampunk set is by far the best set of all the dolls released to date, all the dolls in it are amazing. Rhiannon has slightly wider eyes than most of the other dolls in the line so it makes her eyes look a bit odd.

      Thanks ^_^

  3. Wasp says:

    Hi! I’m looking for some fairly cheap bait and was wondering if you knew where to look besides eBay. Thanks!!

    • Klein says:

      Competition is usually pretty fierce for baits honestly, everyone wants/needs them so they sell lightning fast. Keep an eye on dolly market or look for a split partner for one of the cheaper dolls on PS, just pick one with popular stock and you shouldn’t have too much of a problem getting a nude pullip in the $50 or so range.

      • Wasp says:

        Thanks so much!! Do you by any chance know where I could by a fake Pullip head? Would it be any cheaper? Thanks!

    • kleintoys says:

      The Angel gate heads/fakie pullip heads show up on ebay, from time to time they are not always available though. I think they run around $30 or so but they do not come with an eye mechanism and they are not designed to hold one, you would need to buy bjd eyes and wait for more to be listed up for sale.

      • Wasp says:

        Thank you so much!!
        A random question: I’ve noticed that Pullip Bloody Red Hood is no longer listed on PS. Do you know what happened to her and if/when she will be back up? If she does show up again, do you know how long she will be available? Thanks!

    • kleintoys says:

      Bloody Red Hood is being released later this month, Pullipstyle normally pulls preorders as it gets closer to the release date (they have to pay for ems shipping for preorder dolls, the rest they get a month later through Jun Planning’s US division which is cheaper for them). Normally a few extra dolls come with the preorders as they have to order by the case but it’s not a guarantee, a much larger amount will be stocked next month when they get their order from JPUSA

      No one knows exactly how long she will be available, at least a year or so unless she proves to be massively popular.

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