February’s Pullip Line Up

February’s diverse line up of pullip and company has been officially announced.
Jaldet is a gothic mermaid?The tail looks a tad ridiculous to me ^^; I have to say I never expected this release, I am amused with Groove’s creativity.
She is thankfully quite lovely once you get that tail far away from her. I love her intense eyebrows and how moody her face up is. She suits her stock really well (except the aforementioned tail) which is nice considering how much of a mismatch the previous month’s pullip Ludmilla is.
Ra Muw
Ra Muw is the final release from the Steampunk! set of dolls. Of all the dolls announced for 2011 so far, she is definitely the one I am looking forward to the most.
Ra muw
I absolutely love everything about Ra Muw. She looks straight out of a dystopian society. The colors on her all just work beautifully together. I just hope her steampunk gear holds up better than Eos’ did.
I wish I could be excited by Raiki, but it feels like I have seen him before. He looks way too much like previous releases to really grab my attention. His stock does look nice but the doll itself does not stand out against the other taeyangs.
Little Pullip/Dal
If Siene was a full-sized pullip, I would be over the moon with happiness even as a little pullip I am pretty excited about her. I adore her stock and the doll seems to suit it perfectly.
I am not quite sure what Groove Inc’s fascination is with having dal/little dal cross dress, I like George as a release but again with the transvestite dal release? I do love the impeccable little stock.

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2 Responses to February’s Pullip Line Up

  1. Avalon says:

    I do feel the little pullips and dal’s are getting much better stock in time which makes me endlessly happy!

    And I agree about Raiki. I hope they really bring out a Taeyang that’s unlike all the others and then continue doing so!
    I ADORE Ra Muw! I may need to break into my bjd saving account to get her.

  2. lovelyduckie says:

    Wow, I agree, of all the Steam Punk dolls I like her look the best. It makes me think of a maiden crossed with steampunk.

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