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Latidoll BJD order arrival

I know it may not seem like it sometimes but I do collect dolls other than those made by Groove. I’ve been collecting ball jointed dolls or bjds since early 2008 when Fairyland debuted their Littlefee line and I fell … Continue reading

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Tiny Anthro BJD Pang-ju Black Russian-Pang

Pang-ju are a small anthro ball jointed doll made by Groove, the same company that makes Pullip. It should be noted that they are made of ABS plastic rather than resin, they are also non-gendered with some releases being styled … Continue reading

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Ai Dolls

What is an Ai Doll? An Ai Doll is a small plastic bjd or ball-jointed doll that was released by Groove. Since they are plastic and not resin they are considered off-topic on Den of Angels.  They are slightly less … Continue reading

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Anime Boston 2013

I decided to do another post on Anime Boston, this time focusing on my general con experience. This was my seventh time attending Anime Boston and my ninth anime convention overall (I’ve been attending cons irregularly since like 2001, I’m … Continue reading

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Latidoll LE Pharaoh’s Revenge

Latidoll announced the theme of “The Pharoah’s Revenge” for their new limited edition release. Orders will be open up until 27th of May (Korean time). Eight dolls have been revealed to be in the release including two animal dolls, rather … Continue reading

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Arrival- Lati Yellow Happy Bath Lumi BJD

I remember when we ordered Happy Bath Lumi joking about how even though she was being ordered in early December as an early Christmas gift, she more than likely would not be showing up until my birthday in late March. … Continue reading

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Latidoll Bat Child Event

Latidoll announced a new event recently, the theme is Bat Child. The Bat Child event is the third set of Lati Yellow vampires released so far, this set is quite possibly the most ambitious of the vampire sets released so far. … Continue reading

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BJD Lati Yellow Circus of Bremen Sunny

As Latidoll‘s next ordering period is set to start here in the very near future, I have decided to do a post dedicated to one of my most beloved Lati Yellows Town Circus of Bremen Sunny who arrived somewhat recently. … Continue reading

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Dolly Round Up- BJD and DD edition

…or how Fairyland, Latidoll and Volks conspired to completely empty my wallet. Lots of new and interesting things have popped up on my collective BJD and DD radar in the past month or so; as I am so backed up … Continue reading

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Lati Yellow Fever

I announced the arrival of my first Lati Yellow Trixie Treat (a Halloween Pumpkin Lumi) way back in November, it seems more recently that I have contacted a fatal case of Lati Yellow fever as my LY family has expanded … Continue reading

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