Latidoll Bat Child Event

Latidoll announced a new event recently, the theme is Bat Child. The Bat Child event is the third set of Lati Yellow vampires released so far, this set is quite possibly the most ambitious of the vampire sets released so far. There are six different dolls Baro (Haru), Banya (Rumi), Batan (Ruki), Bari (new sculpt Noa), Bato (SP Coco) and Bati (SP Lea). Each of the dolls are available in two skintones normal and tan and are also available in two headmolds open eyed mold and mystic (half closed eyes) meaning there are a lot of options this release. The only problem with so many options besides deciding just who to order is that there will no doubt be delays in the production and well Latidoll is already notorious for delays in production…. so the vamps will no doubt take a long while to actually arrive.
Latidoll Bat Child Release Event
As a bonus, the first twenty customers to order will receive a paper coffin and anyone ordering within the first week will receive a free blank Suji event head.

“Once upon a time, there were little vampires living in Schwarzberg castle, deep in the forest. What ever happened while the children were asleep for a long, long time? All grownup vampires of the castle were gone. So the oldest among them, sister Bati and brother Bato took care of their four little brothers and sisters. The kids played up everyday. They were always curious and wanted to visit the village, even though they were still too weak to face humans. Overindulging Bato and worried Bati squabbled all the time, but their love for their little brothers and sisters has not changed. When will little Bati, Bato, their brothers and sisters grow up and become great adult vampires? How many days should they wait?”
From left to right: Banya, Bato, Batan, Baro, Bati & Bari
Banya Lumi
When Lati made the initial announcement about the event and I heard about the coveted Suji event head, I was hoping to fall in love with one of the releases so I would have an excuse to get Suji. As soon as I saw Banya’s teaser photo I was absolutely in love with her and knew I would have to have her.
I’m not really a huge fan of mystic eyes on dolls but I have to admit that the mystic headmold for Banya is pretty cute.
Bato SP Coco
Coco is one of the two SP dolls this releases, the SP dolls have the same headmold as their normal counterparts but are on a 20cm body rather than the normal 16cm body. While Lati Yellow bodies are normally sexless the SP bodies are actually gendered and have appropriate bits. Coco makes quite the handsome little gentlemen.
Batan Ruki
Ruki is not one of my favorite Lati molds, all my Latis are girls and well Ruki always looks a bit too masculine for my tastes. I must say that this is a very well put together release and I do love his stock.
Baro Haru
I’m quite fond of Haru in this release. I love the tiny little vampire teeth Haru has. His stock is so adorable, I love his little bloomers.

Bati Lea
Lea is my favorite Lati mold, I love her so much that I actually already own six different Leas: Wizard of Oz Tinman, Pirate, Bremmen Story, Story of a Fairy, Christmas Elf and Alice in Wonderland Queen of Hearts. I thought, I would be safe from this release as Lea was a SP this time and I try to avoid new doll sizes.
Then Latidoll revealed the full photos last night and I saw Lea’s promo shots last night and well a dilemma arose, I really only wanted to buy one doll this release but I have fallen in love with both Lea and Lumi. Lea is absolutely stunning in her full stock, as soon as I saw her full pictures I knew I just had to have her she would act as the mother of all my other little Leas. I am still hoping to get both dolls, I already ordered Lea with her full stock tonight and am still hoping to get Lumi as well.

Bari Noa
Noa is a new headmold being introduced this event, she is quite lovely but somehow she looks more Fairyland-esque than Latidoll. I’d love to get a Noa some day but I don’t feel this quite the release for me. I can’t get over just how large her eyes are, she is so wide-eyed and innocent.

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3 Responses to Latidoll Bat Child Event

  1. Yuki says:

    In love with Haru……

    • kleintoys says:

      I’m kind of regretting not getting Noa and Haru too when I had the chance, all the releases were so lovely this event it is hard to choose >_<

  2. Yuki says:

    So am I, all the other Haru’s scare me 0_o

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