Dolly Round Up- BJD and DD edition

…or how Fairyland, Latidoll and Volks conspired to completely empty my wallet. Lots of new and interesting things have popped up on my collective BJD and DD radar in the past month or so; as I am so backed up here rather than devoting a post to each new and interesting thing I have decided to do a collected post.

First some Maria spam, which admittedly doesn’t have a heck of a lot to do with the rest of this post but I have really been enjoying photographing her recently so I felt like sharing some pics was in order.
Maria & Illya
With my other MDD Illya, they are both wearing wa-loli kimonos by KeelyVH.
and then a solo shot. As soon as I saw this kimono I knew it would be perfect for Maria as it matches her eyes so beautifully, luckily I was able to arrange a trade with KeelyVH for it.

Enough picspam time to move on to to how various companies are in on an evil conspiracy to completely empty my wallet!

Pukifees Pio, Mio and Zio
Fairyland announced the second round of their 10th anniversary event last month, unlike the first round where I was completely safe the second round proved to be quite detrimental to my wallet. Fairyland announced three new Pukifees: Mio, Pio and Zio as well as two new Littlefees Pongpong and Chloe both of which were already very popular sculpts in other sizes (Pongpong as pukipuki/pukifee and Chloe as Minifee).  The full sets of all the dolls are limited to 100, the basic versions do not seem to be limited though thankfully.
Littlefees Pongpong and Chloe
I actually really like all five releases, Fairyland really managed to outdo themselves with this event. Thankfully the basics are not limited so while I know I will be getting Littlefees Pongpong and Chloe eventually I am not in love with them as full sets so I felt like I could safely pass on them for the moment (now if Pongpong had been a girl I feel things may have played out a bit differently). I also decided I could pass on Pukifee Pio, I had thought after a lot debate between Pukifees Mio and Zio that I finally reached a decision and that I would get Mio as a full set and that I would sleep on Zio. The first thing I did the next order was to go ahead and order Zio’s full set as well.
I ordered both through Denverdoll as they offer layaway, I expect them to arrive home to me some time in the June/July time frame.

Benny, Pero, Sunny and Ruki
Latidoll also happened to introduce some new limited release dolls recently, the theme is the Circus of Bremen. The dolls include Benny, Ruki, Sunny and newcomer Pero. The order period is only open until the 29th of May. I was thanking my lucky stars that I didn’t need any of the dolls this order period while looking at the sneak preview pictures and then I saw Sunny and my heart melted.
The cute it kills >_<
This is a major problem to me as I was only ever supposed to have a maximum of seven Lati Yellows (one for each color of the rainbow) and well I already own six and I have two dolls still incoming from the last order period (Petite Prince Lea and Kuku) and we are just not going to mention the other one I just put on layaway last night… I decided my justification for ordering for Sunny is she can take the place of my current red themed doll Queen of Hearts Lea who will now reside with my other Alice in Wonderland themed tinies Pukifee Pongpong and Luna.

yhst-70052297082953_2208_1031755 yhst-70052297082953_2208_1207227
This one could potentially be a lot worse but it still has that potential. VolksUSA recently held the lottery for two of the Dolls Party 27 limited dollfie dreams (due to licensing issues with Touhou Project they were unable to offer Cirno) Rise of Persona 4 and Sakuya/Maxima from Shining Blade. I really loved both dolls but found myself unable to decide who to enter for as they were just both so lovely, I eventually settled on entering for both. I actually lost both 😦
yhst-70052297082953_2208_971940 yhst-70052297082953_2208_1155151
While waiting on the results of the lottery my grail DD actually popped up for sale, the lovely Noumi Kudryavka or Kudo happened to pop up at a reasonable price for once. After lengthy debate I decided that I would regret it if I hesitated and didn’t buy her, especially if I ended up not getting winning the lottery for either doll and Kudo managed to sell in the meantime. Fortune may not have smiled on me at the lottery but I will finally have my lovely Kudo!
yhst-70052297082953_2208_19609739 yhst-70052297082953_2208_19653042
According to tracking she should actually be here later on today! I still plan on entering the Volks international lottery at least for Rise… so like I said this could potentially get worse mwahahahaha!

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  1. Aria says:

    My heart aches for your wallet.

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