Anime Boston 2013

I decided to do another post on Anime Boston, this time focusing on my general con experience. This was my seventh time attending Anime Boston and my ninth anime convention overall (I’ve been attending cons irregularly since like 2001, I’m old ^^; ).
Anime Boston 2013
One thing I like about anime conventions is you never quite know what you are going to find there…. like a giant Charlotte roaming the halls.

Panels: I went to a fair number of panels this year, some were really awesome and well some were kind of dull ^^;

Panels I attended: Official Sunrise, Aniplex, Sentai Filmworks, Funimation, Moon Prism Pop Tarts- Sailor Moon panel, Bad Anime Bad, Which Witch is Which? Madoka themed panel, Totally Subversive Toons and the Fate/Zero premiere screening.

Panels I wish I could have made it to but failed to for whatever reason: Down the Rabbit Hole: An Introduction to Toy Collecting, Latin Latin Madoka More Latin 2: Thermodynamic Boogaloo, Arch Nemesisis….isisis: An Anime Villains Panel(schedule conflict with Bad Anime Bad, I stand by my choice but would have loved to see this panel as well) and From East to West: the superheroes of America and Japan (which was on Sunday which I didn’t stay for).

After going to see Brian Price’s Totally Subversive Toons on a whim and absolutely loving it, we made it a point to go see his Bad Anime Bad panel the next day. It too was hysterically funny though now I am curious about watching the rest of Garzey’s Wing which is probably not a good thing (how much worse could it be?).
The Sailor Moon themed panel was amazing, whenever there was any type of technical difficulties they distracted us with shiny toys. Pre-panel they played the Sailor Moon theme in a variety of languages and I managed to horrify my partner in crime by  demonstrating that I not only knew the Sailor Moon theme in English and Japanese but also in French and Italian. The panel was presented really well by people who obviously really loved the fandom, their devotion showed and I couldn’t have been happier about a walk down memory lane. Of course now, I really want to watch some Sailor Moon… even the partner who traditionally not really been a fan of Sailor Moon was wanting to watch some Sailor Moon when we got to the hotel room.
Fate/Zero Panel @ Anime Boston 2013
I went to the Fate/Zero screening because the trailer at the Aniplex panel earlier in the day had had peaked my interest, keeping in mind that I had actually been watching it as it aired in Japan I decided I absolutely had to watch it again. I’m not normally a fan of dubs but this one was actually pretty good, Saber’s American voice actress  Kari Wahlgren did some Q & A after the screening. Now I really, really want to rewatch Fate/Zero >_<

The industry panels were all pretty informative, if a bit dull at times; it was nice seeing some of the new shows that are coming out though. The only panel I really regret going to was the Which Witch is Which? Madoka panel, I wish I would have gone to the other Madoka panel instead. I love Madoka, I was really super excited for this panel but I ended up kind of disappointed- it’s never a good sign when the panelists are reading directly from the show’s wiki (yes, I got bored enough during the panel to check on my phone that they were in fact reading things word for word) and they didn’t even cover the really interesting witches like Octavia. The good news about the panel was that I was able to follow a good number of Madoka cosplayers from the meet up to get a group photo of them.

Doll Meet: Supposedly I should have gone to the Friday meet as opposed to the Saturday meet as there were a lot more DD at the Friday meet ^^; I have like twice as many bjds as I do dollfie dreams but I’m mostly a tiny collector when it comes to bjds so I ended up feeling kind of overwhelmed with all the larger resin bjds.
Doll Meet @ Anime Boston
I really liked this group, they were very nicely dressed/styled. I’m not sure of what they are exactly but I believe the blond fellow might be an Iplehouse (he reminds me of Claude a bit).
Doll Meet @ Anime Boston
I brought along my Sakura DD (Sakura Wars), Yuki DD (Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya), Hina Ichigo YoSD and two of my darling Latis (Snow Queen Miel & Tin Man Lea). In retrospect had I known what the turn out would have been like I probably should have brought one of my SD girls instead of the tinies.
Doll Meet @ Anime Boston
Close up of the littles, I particularly liked the set of Pukifee twins.
Doll Meet @ Anime Boston
He looked really awesome, unfortunately I can’t remember his make/model. I brought a notebook with me to write down this sort of thing but left it in my doll bag >_<
I remember seeing pictures of the dragon doll from Dollzone when he was first announced, I had no idea they were so large though I was really surprised to see this guy in person.
Doll Meet @ Anime Boston
Couple more handsome guys.
Doll Meet @ Anime Boston
Even more dolls.

Dealer’s Room: This was the first time ever out of the seven years I attended Anime Boston that I left with there still being money in my wallet :O Normally I will have had to resort to using my credit card but that so wasn’t a problem this year. There was more of a variety of stores this year but it seems like there were less actual anime stores or at least ones focusing on figures (Animadness was sorely missed this year). The prices for figures seemed kind of high, most nendoroids for example averaged around $70 ( I found a few around the $50 mark and some for $100). I saw unopened petite nendoroids from the Type-Moon set ranging in price from $10 to $18 each. Most of my money this year went to AnimeSekei  and AsylumAnime, I normally seek them out in the dealer’s room anyway but normally I end up buying from a bunch of different stores not just one or two. Something else of note, I only found one store in all of the dealer’s room selling Pullips this year and they were like $150 a pop for the Evangelion Pullips.
Anime Boston swag
My swag: Free posters from Funimation etc, Type-Moon Carnival Phantasm – Phantasmoon Eclipse petit nendoroid,  Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha A’s Fate Testarossa School Uniform Figma (I already have the matching Nanoha figma & Fate is my favorite Nanoha character), Vocaloid Lily Nendoroid, Tokidoki Unicorno series 2: Rodeo, Puella Magi Madoka Magica Madoka Banpresto Figure, Puella Magi madoka Magica Tomoe Mami Keychain (because Mami is my favorite), Puella Magi Madoka Magica Madoka Banpresto sheet, Fate/Stay Night Illya plush, a pink llama plushie and a Oreimo wall scroll. I also bought a significantly larger pink llama plush as a gift for the zilla which she promptly named Strawberry Banana and has since become her constant companion.
This is the picture on the Madoka sheet, the sheet is approximately 42.9 inches long x 74.1 inches wide if I did my math right it should be just big enough to be hung above the manga shelves in the doll room 😀
And this is the wall scroll I bought…I’ll be honest, I have no idea where this is going to go yet but Kirino from Oreimo was too cute to resist. I was hoping to find the figma of Kirino in the dealer’s room but I didn’t get lucky ^^;

Artist’s Alley:  The Artist’s Alley was moved to a much larger room this year,  it was such an improvement over last year’s rather claustrophobia-inducing space. I surprisingly only bought one thing from the Artist’s Alley this year, a decal for my car from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic made by decalzilla. My orange car will no longer be a blank flank, now it will Applejack’s cutie mark proudly displayed on it’s hip errr.. bumper.

Any regrets: Let’s just say the minion shall not be attending any additional cons with us. Also I wish I would have skipped the Madoka panel on Friday night and gone to the bigger doll meet instead. I really kind of missed working in the dealer’s room, the dealer’s room is a lot less overwhelming people-wise when you can hide behind the safety of the booth.  I also wish I would have taken more pictures on Satuday but we spent a lot of times in panels on Saturday so there wasn’t much of an opportunity for it ^^;

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to start getting ready to leave for Disney World here in a few days!

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2 Responses to Anime Boston 2013

  1. littlebearries says:

    Awesome coverage!!! In the first doll pic, the two girls on the left look Volks-ish… the one on the right looks like another Iplehouse. Granted, I’m probably wrong as heck… but those are my guesses, LOL. The boy is an Iplehouse for sure. XD

    I love your Madoka wall art too, I think that’s the sweetest I’ve ever seen Kyubey look XD

    • kleintoys says:

      Thanks so much ❤ I have a hard as hell time telling the larger dolls apart, I can normally pick out the Iplehouse dolls as they always look a bit less stylized I guess. I really love the look of the Iplehouse boys in general unfortunately I ended up selling mine as he didn't fit in with all of my girls (especially since most of them are tinies). It really is overwhelming to think about how many different bjd companies there are at times, it's hard to keep track of them and tell which sculpt is which ^^;

      Thanks, the Madoka hanging was definitely my favorite find this year.

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