Latidoll LE Pharaoh’s Revenge

Latidoll announced the theme of “The Pharoah’s Revenge” for their new limited edition release. Orders will be open up until 27th of May (Korean time). Eight dolls have been revealed to be in the release including two animal dolls, rather shockingly my favorite sculpt Lea is absent from this release (the last time she wasn’t part of a LE release was the Bremen Town themed release).
It really doesn’t seem like the Bat Child event was very long ago, I know my wallet still hasn’t fully recovered from it.

Pharaoh Miellink
What’s an Egyptian themed release without a pharaoh? Miel is the central character again (he was just the Snow Queen in the release of the same name).  Even though I already own a few Miels, I have to admit he is pretty special I am particularly fond of his face up with the stylized Egyptian eye with just a dash of teal color.
With his lovely queen, Neferlati. I have to say Lati went all out on the stock with these, the quality especially on Miel’s stock is really nice.
Though he is mostly pictured with his headdress, Miel does have an optional wig available.
Miel has an optional closed eye head available as well, it can either be ordered in place of his standard OE plate or in addition to the OE plate (you can also order a spare body for it).
Latidoll assures on his product page that his beard can be affixed via double sided tape or plasticine but it makes me a bit nervous especially after not using the right type of glue on a resin Evangelion Eva kit once (good news is I now have what appears to be a bad-ass acid damaged unit 02).

Neferlati Bennylink
Neferlati is simply put lovely. Everything about her is absolutely perfect, her face up is extraordinary lovely and her stock is fabulous.
I can not emphasize how in love with her face up I am, it just suits her so beautifully. She is the perfect Egyptian queen.
Benny also has an available mystic head, normally I am not really fond of mystic heads but this one is pretty nice.

Horus Lami link
Horus Lami is the more humanized version of the Egyptian god Horus. Horus is the ancient Egyptian of the sun as well hunting and protection.
I quite like his stock and how detailed it is.
I am normally not especially fond of the Lami mold but I really love this little guy, I think he is my favorite Lami released so far.

Horus is one of the two new anthro sculpts this release, he is the more accurate representation of the ancient Egyptian god Horus. Traditionally Horus is said to have a head closely resembling a falcon, to me this head sculpt doesn’t really look very falcon-like but it is very birdlike.
Horus shares his stock with his more human representation Lami. Horus can either be ordered as a separate doll or as an optional head  for Lami (a body can be ordered as well).
I generally like the Lati anthro releases but this fellow just doesn’t appeal to me as much as the others do. He does have a nice face up though.

Sophie Bastetlink
Sophie Bastet is the more humanized version of the cat-headed ancient Egyptian goddess of cats as well as the sun and the moon.
Although pictures have yet to be provided by Latidoll, it is possible to order Sophie Bastet in light tan skin instead of the dark gray resin. I personally love the dark gray though I am a sucker for unusual resin skintones.
I wish there was a way to get the cat ears for Bastet Sophie without having to order the entire Bastet head. I absolutely love them on her human head.
Absolutely beautiful.

Bastet is the more accurate form of the ancient Egyptian goddess. Bastet is the other anthro and new doll in this release.
I love her minimalist face up, it really fits the Egyptian theme and suits her cat face beautifully.
Just like Horus and Horus Lami, Bastet shares her stock with Sophie Bastet. She is available as either a separate doll or her head can be added in addition to  the order of Sophie Bastet .
Explorer Boy BelleLink
Belle is a little explorer boy this time. He is quite cute even if he is a little overshadowed by some of the other dolls in this release, the fault doesn’t really lie with him it’s just there are a lot of really amazing dolls this release.
He looks quite dapper in his explorer gear. I love the little details on his outfit like the badges on his vest.
He is quite sweet.

Explorer Girl Pero- link
Pero is an explorer girl this time. Even though she and Belle aren’t as dynamic as the other dolls in this release Lati still made her and Belle quite special.  I especially love her glasses which really add something to her old time-y explorer outfit.
Isn’t she just too precious?
This is only Pero’s third LE release, she was just somewhat introduced not that long ago as a part of the Bremmen Town line. She is quite cute in this release but I still haven’t found the perfect Pero release for me just yet.

Verdict: This is really hard as there are a lot of really amazing dolls in this release, I’m hoping to at the very least bring home Sophie Bastet. I don’t have a Sophie at all yet and I’m a sucker for unusual resin skintones. If I am able to I would also love to bring home Pharaoh Miel or Neferlati Benny as well but we will see how my funds raising efforts go before I get my hopes too high. If I had the money, I’d take home every single doll from this release.

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  1. Véronique Moreau says:

    magnifiques !

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