Arrival- Lati Yellow Happy Bath Lumi BJD

I remember when we ordered Happy Bath Lumi joking about how even though she was being ordered in early December as an early Christmas gift, she more than likely would not be showing up until my birthday in late March. Guess who arrived the day after my birthday? Happy Bath Lumi, that’s who.
Happy Bath Lumi
Happy Bath Lumi is a Lati Yellow bjd made by Latidoll, she was apart of the Happy Bath special release series of Latis. She and her two companions Benny and Bayer were available for sale from November 16th through December 7th. As a bonus, the first twenty five people to order a doll during the Happy Bath event received a free random bonus cat (pictured above) .

All three of the Happy Bath dolls came in animal themed bath robes, Lumi has an elephant bath robe.  Elephants were always one of my favorite animals so that combined with Lumi’s natural cuteness made her a must buy for me. She also came with a bath tub. Latidoll has gone on record saying that the bath tub as well as the animal bath robes will be available for normal purchase through their shop.
Happy Bath Lumi
I love her piercing blue eyes!
Happy Bath Lumi
I rather like the Lumi mold, my first Lati Trixie Treat was a Lumi mold as well.  I like how smiley she is especially considering how many of the other Latis have pouty little faces. Happy Bath Lumi
I intentionally sought out a rubber duckie themed dress for her casual wear to continue her bath theme.
Happy Bath Lumi
Some additional pictures of the little darling on my flickr.
Happy Bath Lumi

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