BJD Lati Yellow Circus of Bremen Sunny

As Latidoll‘s next ordering period is set to start here in the very near future, I have decided to do a post dedicated to one of my most beloved Lati Yellows Town Circus of Bremen Sunny who arrived somewhat recently.
As soon as I saw her my heart just melted, I knew I had to have her and didn’t even try to resist ordering her from Latidoll. I have absolutely no regrets about ordering her, as honestly who could resist those big doe eyes?

After several days of contemplating a name for her that both suited her and fit within my name LY naming scheme (first and last name must start with the same letter; first name is two syllables, last name is one syllables and one of the names should be indicative of her color in my LY Rainbow) I finally decided to name her Honey Heart.
Here’s Honey in her Circus of Bremen stock, she is the first doll I have directly ordered from Lati with almost all her stock the only item I didn’t order was the rooster mask face mask as frankly I was not a fan of it.
I was overall really impressed with the quality of her stock, it honestly amazes me the level of detail some of the doll companies put into such tiny doll clothing but perhaps I am not a fair judge of this as I myself, don’t actually really know how to sew.
With some of her favorite toys, I intentionally picked some circus themed toys out for her ie. the LPS elephant and Peanut Big Top Lalaloopsy but the pony somehow just looked very proud and boastful, almost like it was putting on a show so it was quickly claimed by Honey too.
I had bought this cute cupcake themed outfit from KeelyVH on a whim, not really with a clear plan of who it would go too but I tried it on Honey and it was just perfection.
The color scheme of the outfit just suits her wonderfully.
Honey Heart
I don’t think I could be pleased more by this release, she is just so flawless.
Honey Heart
More pictures of the little darling are on my flickr

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3 Responses to BJD Lati Yellow Circus of Bremen Sunny

  1. littlebearries says:

    Oh I love her! And yeah… passing on the mask wasn’t a big deal, I thought they were pretty silly too… so… do we get to see her in the rainbow with everyone else (I’ll check flickr right after I post this to see if they’re there) … and I feel dumb… but what color is she?

    • kleintoys says:

      Thanks so much. Some of the masks were cute but the rooster one just struck me as silly. I have not taken a new LY family portrait yet as I somewhat unexpectedly adopted a Pirate Lea recently and am still waiting on her proper wig and outfit (she is getting a similar dress to Honey’s but it will have a pirate theme) this is the most recent one . Technically she is supposed to take Queen of Heart Lea’s place as red but at this point there is just a variety of colors >_<

  2. Bea Jai says:

    I love her so much, she has a lovely name and all. She’s perfect for me n.n

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