Lati Yellow Fever

I announced the arrival of my first Lati Yellow Trixie Treat (a Halloween Pumpkin Lumi) way back in November, it seems more recently that I have contacted a fatal case of Lati Yellow fever as my LY family has expanded quite a bit in the past few months.
Lati Yellows
Here is my new extended Lati Yellow family (from left to right) Rose Red (Alice in Wonderland- Queen of Hearts Lea), Maybe Mauve (Story of a Fairy- Miel), Bebe Blue (Story of a Fairy- Lea) and of course my Trixie Treat (Halloween Pumpkin Lumi). All four decided to dress up in dresses by Picklelilypie for their group photos.
Lati Yellow Group
My eventual intention is to have a seven Lati Yellows one done up in each color of the rainbow (I’m choosing to do a pink instead of doing both indigo and violet). I hesitate to admit that I already have the fifth (a pirate Belle) of my seven member crew already on layaway.
  Rose Red
I’ll introduce Rose Red first, Rose Red is Queen of Hearts from the Alice in Wonderland series of Lati Yellows released last fall. She is a Lea.  I was very fortunate to be able to purchase her secondhand from a friend of mine who had preordered her but decided not to keep her.
Rose Red
I love Alice in Wonderland, Queen of Hearts Lea especially peaked my interest as I have Pukifee Luna Alice  and Pukifee Pong White Rabbit and I thought she would compliment the pair of them beautifully (I still need to take pictures of the three of them together).
Rose Red
I love how dramatic her face up is compared to my other girls, she is very haughty.
Maybe Mauve loves dollies
Maybe Mauve was the second Lati Yellow that I actually adopted, I bought her from a different friend of mine secondhand. Maybe Mauve is a Story of a Fairy Miel but unlike my other Lati Yellows she did not come with her default wig or eyes. After some thought, I decided to keep the eyes she came to me in but I decided to rewig her in a Kanawild wig in Mushroomrose from
Maybe Mauve
Maybe Mauve is such a sweet girl.
Maybe Mauve

Bebe Blue
Bebe Blue is a Story of a Fairy Lea, even though I already had a Lea I could not resist this sweet girl when I saw her up for sale on the Den of Angels’ marketplace.
Bebe Blue
Bebe Blue came to me wearing a very cute outfit from Nubanded.
Bebe Blue

Bebe Blue
I just love her oh so sweet face up.
Very best friends: Maybe Mauve and Bebe Blue
Maybe Mauve and Bebe Blue complement each other very nicely, so I can’t seem to resist taking lots of pictures of the pair.
Bebe Blue & Maybe Mauve
Maybe Mauve and Bebe Blue are very playful and especially love to play with My Little Ponies.
The girls play with ponies...

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