Coming Soon- Touhou Project Cirno MDD

Volks announced the results of the Dolls Party 27 after event international lottery early this morning, I woke up around 4 AM to a confirmation email from Volks informing me that I had won Cirno. I had entered twice each for Rise of Persona 4 and Cirno from Touhou Project and only one of the four entries was actually successful.
Coming Soon...
Cirno was not available via VolksUSA at all but much to my surprise and delight she was eventually offered via the international lottery. She has the new and hopefully improved MDDIII body. Hopefully she will be here within a few weeks (this is my first time buying from Volks’ international site so I am not entirely sure).
Coming Soon..
In other DD news, I also got shipping notification from VolksUSA yesterday for Lucy she should be here next Tuesday.

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3 Responses to Coming Soon- Touhou Project Cirno MDD

  1. Donpablo says:

    Congrats! I also got lucky and won her. She’ll be my first dollfie and hopefully last lol. Now to search for a stand. Do you have any recommendations of stands that allow for some poses? Volks USA has a plethora of stands to choose from and don’t know which one would be the best for Cirno.

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