Keely’s Cute Doll Kimonos

One of my favorite etsy shops/dolly seamstresses Keely’s Cute Kimono is currently running a special from now until February 14th you can get 15% off any in stock item using the code: HEARTDAY.  Keely’s stuff is pure quality, I highly recommend her as a dolly seamstress and quite a few of my dolls wear her creations. This is a great chance to get one (or more) of her outfits for a little less than usual though they are honestly well worth the price even at full price.

Lati Yellow Legend of Lati Sophie in a casual kimono inspired dress by Keely

Keely sews for a variety of different sizes including Pukipuki, Pukifee/Lati Yellow, YoSD, MSD, SD, DDdY as well as Pullip and Dal. Her specialty is wa-loli styled kimono.

Maria MDD in a wa-loli kimono by Keely

I really can’t sew like at all so I have a great amount of respect for those who can! I would never recommend anyone that I did not have personal buying experience from, I honestly can not recommend Keely’s work highly enough take advantage of the sale, I know I will!

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