Catching up and October= Empty Wallet Event

I’ve been crazy busy as well as sick lately so I’m afraid updating this site kind of took a backseat for a little while again. I’m going to try my best to caught up in the coming week.

Now unto more current events…
yhst-70052297082953_2178_2342308 yhst-70052297082953_2178_1181768
I’m  working on funds raising towards for the Volks Type Moon x Dollfie Dream collaboration web-order event right now. For those who don’t already know, Volks is offering two new versions of Saber Dollfie Dreams via web-0rder (not via lottery- guaranteed) but they are only available for a limited amount of time. I, of course fell head over heels with Saber Alter 2nd Version and  Fate/EXTRA Saber and decided I would absolutely need the pair. Fuck my wallet.
yhst-70052297082953_2178_1370201 yhst-70052297082953_2178_2263097
The need for both of the new Saber DDs really got me thinking about what I would sacrifice in order to obtain them, after some careful thought and consideration I decided I was going to go through and do a dolly cull.  I went through and made a short-list of which dolls weren’t really working out for me quite the way I wanted them to and posted a sales thread on Friday. So far, I’ve already raised about $800 just from doll sales this weekend (and a few of my other dolls are on hold/pending payment). Honestly, I did not things to work out so well so quickly I’m already more than halfway to my goal and have more than enough to preorder one of the Sabers. My plan is to preorder Saber Alter 2nd version later this week, as I admittedly have a slightly preference towards her (I really love both but if I could only get one, she would be it). Once Saber Alter 2nd version’s preorder has been confirmed, I will focus all my energy on raising the additional funds needed for Fate/Extra Saber.
yhst-70052297082953_2178_1298345 yhst-70052297082953_2178_1096725

As, if the Volks DD web-order event wasn’t bad enough for my wallet Fairyland is also holding an event right now. They announced several new BJDs and I thought I was safe and then I saw their new Littlefee, Rolly. Littlefee/Yo-SD are my favorite bjd size so they are always the most tempting to me in general but their is just something really special about Rolly. So in addition to funding both of the Saber DDs I’m also going to try and least scrap together the cash for a deposit on her.
tumblr_lrzd86G9If1r0cwvxo1_500 LTF_RollyF104
So with the Volks and the Fairyland events running concurrently October will indeed be my own personal empty wallet event. I will probably be making a doll sales post here later in the week, once I handle getting the current batch of dolls that have sold out in the mail as I don’t want to overwhelm myself too much by doing too much at once.

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2 Responses to Catching up and October= Empty Wallet Event

  1. This is such a FABULOUS opportunity! I recently decided I wanted a smaller figure collection (I want to keep it at around 100 or so). So I’ve been selling some figures here and there. I was happy to have the cash as well as a bit of display space! And now this! I’m extremely tempted to trade some of my savings from figure sales for a Saber. I told myself that my next DD would be Rider but…I’m not sure I can let this opportunity slip by! I was so focused on Rider because I figured there was no chance at a new Saber at MSRP anymore! I’m leaning more towards Saber Alter but I find Saber Exra’s green eyes especially lovely.

    • kleintoys says:

      It’s a great opportunity, too good an opportunity for me to pass it up so I plan on taking the plunge on Monday and ordering the pair. I had pretty much given up getting Saber and Saber Alter myself but these two seem like much more obtainable substitution for now and will probably cause a decrease in the value of the original Saber and Saber Alter thus making them a bit more obtainable.

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