Yoko and Saber Lily Dollfie Dreams

Since it had been a good long while since I took any of my Dollfie Dreams out for photos, I decided that I would take two of my girls to the park  yesterday to get some quality photo time in. I chose Saber Lily from Fate/Unlimited Codes and one of my Yoko twins from Gurren Lagann for the photographic honor.
218/365 Saber Lily & Yoko (alpha)
Admittedly, I have been a bit apathetic towards Dollfie Dream in general lately; I love my DD girls but I haven’t really had the motivation or inclination to photograph them or to hunt down new recruits for my DD squad. Luckily, my interest in anime has been somewhat rekindled lately and with it  my interest in DD.

Saber Lily vs Yoko (alpha)
I had this idea that Yoko (alpha) and Saber Lily were going to have an epic battle underneath the trellis but things didn’t quite work out the way I wanted them too. First, it was a high traffic area so I didn’t have much time to set up a photo and then I was having some balance issues. I could get Saber Lily or Yoko (alpha) to stand up unassisted but they did not want to stand up at the same time as each other so I ended up having to come up with some other ideas.
Yoko (alpha) and Saber Lily
This is only the second time I have ever really taken any photos of my Saber Lily Dollfie Dream, I love her but I am so paranoid something is going to happen to her I have been leaving her locked in her display case. It was nice to have her out and about for photos even if her armor made her a bit unwieldy to pose.
Saber Lily and Yoko (alpha)

Yoko (alpha)
Yoko borrowed Kanu’s Chinese dress for the photos, I really loved how well it complimented her hair color.
Yoko (alpha)
I honestly think that Yoko may be my favorite DD character model, while I do love the character I think that face sculpt is what cinches it for me as I just adore it.
Yoko (alpha)

Yoko (alpha)

Yoko (alpha)
I decided to photograph Yoko first, not realizing that by the time I really got to focus on taking photographs of Saber Lily my light was already fading :/
Saber Lily

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