Ordered! Saber Dollfie Dreams

It’s official, I put my order in yesterday on VolksUSA for Dollfie Dreams Saber Alter the 2nd version of Fate Hollow/Ataraxia and Saber of Fate/EXTRA.  I was supposed to have a cap of 20 Dollfie Dreams which I reached earlier this year, the purchase of any additional Dollfie Dreams would require a blood-price in the form of only using funds from the sale of other dolls to purchase them. I sold several dolls in the past few weeks to raise the necessary funds to purchase them but I feel like it was worth it even though I am now in for a hell of a wait (June of next year).
Although I love both of the new Saber Dollfie Dreams, I must admit a slight preference towards Saber Alter 2nd version I am more drawn to evil characters it seems ^^; I actually did two separate orders for them and Saber Alter 2nd Version was ordered several hours before the other so she will officially be counted as my 21st DD (I’m actually hoping by the time she gets here she will be the 22nd or 23rd but we shall see).
I tried to be good and wait until the rest of my paypal funds transferred into my bank account before ordering her but I couldn’t sleep last night so I ended up ordering her around 3am this morning ^^;

Coincidentally, I am on a dolly diet for the duration of October I have some car repairs to my secondary vehicle I need to take care of and between ordering both Saber Dollfie Dreams and Littlefee Rolly a few days ago I’m pretty tapped out.

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