Arrival- Mini Dollfie Dream Maria from When the Seagulls Cry

It has been a over a year since the arrival of my last Dollfie Dream (Saber Lily). I will admit that though I have not had any recent arrivals I did preorder Saber EXTRA and Saber Alter II through VolksUSA and more recently I got lucky with their lottery and won  Lucy from ToHeart 2. I had been desperately wanting a new DD  but since I have the three coming in June I was trying to be good…unfortunately for my wallet I happened to be browsing on eBay and spotted this darling at a price I could not resist.
Maria is from When the Seagulls Cry (Umineko no Naku Koro ni)  which was originally a murder mystery visual novel game, that eventually became a manga before finally getting a twenty six episode anime series. 
Maria’s purchase was a perfect storm brought on by several factors… I had always loved her design but had been able to resist before because I hadn’t watched/read/played the series myself , guess what I happened to watch recently! As much as I have been wanting a new DD in general to play with I was especially interested in a new MDD as I only owned one prior to Maria and poor Illya looked a bit out of place being the only one in her size range. Plus Maria is just super adorable and just not a DD you see around too often.
Maria even came with her Sakutaro plush!
I almost immediately disassembled her , so I could use some of the tricks I learned with Illya to make her less floppy (MDD bodies have a tendency to be rather floppy). I put her back together and she seems to have a lot more stability now.
I love her face up, it’s easily one of my all time favorite stock DD face ups.
Some additional photos of her on my flickr (with more to come very soon!).

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1 Response to Arrival- Mini Dollfie Dream Maria from When the Seagulls Cry

  1. Aria says:

    I’ve always been a bigger fan of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, myself, but I adore the Umineko character designs and Maria translates to doll form so well. ;w;

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