Doll Meet @ Animadness

I went to a dolly meet yesterday at AniMadness it had been quite some time since my last doll meet so I was pretty excited about it. Although my last visit to the store was in February, the last doll meet was way back in January. I did see them at Anime Boston, so I was not totally deprived of their awesomeness… I can’t believe the last meet was in February, it seems like so long ago that I brought Cheshire home.
They gave us a slightly bigger space to display the dolls this time unfortunately it was kind of a mixed blessing as it was hard to get a photograph of everything at the same time ^^;
There was a pretty nice variety of dolls, I personally ended up bringing a total of 15 dolls with me 10 Pullips, 1 Blythe, 1 J-doll, 1 Dal, 1 Byul and my Yui Dollfie Dream. We had a couple of blythe collectors join us this time, normally I bring a blythe and she is the only blythe at the meet but this time we had six or seven.
The photo set ups were nice but I didn’t actually utilize any of them myself, some of my dolls might have been utilized though. It was nice to chat with other collectors even if I didn’t feel like photographing everything endlessly yesterday. I was kind of sleep deprived and cranky ^^;
Of course the doll I was most excited to see was Nelliel the Requiemart custom of the character from Bleach. Honestly I don’t even really care for Bleach but she is so awesome that I want to own her badly and will try and scrape, scrounge up the cash to bring her home next month.

So what did I get yesterday? I didn’t actually buy anything at the store which was a first combination of this month not being the best financially and my own indecisiveness.
The haul

The grand majority of stuff I got was actually from PUDDLE the pullip convention that I was unfortunately unable to attend in Illinois earlier this year. Requiemart was able to attend and was kind enough to bring me a giftbag full of all sorts of goodies. Requiemart also picked me up a large doll case for one of my dollfies at a flea market recently, she previously got one herself and customized it for Big Pullip and I am hoping to customize this one myself for my own dollfies (I have not selected the lucky owner as of yet). My pullip Ala also returned to me from being spray matted, she was super shiny and it was a bit problematic to photograph her so I asked Requiem to remove her shine for me..  I also got the Magnificent Mile J-doll from Requiem, apparently due to copyright this particular J-doll can not be sold state-side. She is a gorgeous doll so it is kind of a shame that she can not be sold in the states. Then there were a few decidedly non-doll related items that I got yesterday, one of the girls at the meet lived right next to a comic book shop that Joe  Quinones was signing autographs at knowing that I am a huge Harley Quinn fan she went and got his autograph for me on the new Harley Quinn one-shot. I traded for two wigs at the meet, one pullip sized and for one of my msds I also managed to trade for some clothes that I had been wanting for forever. I also traded for a Flcl doll but I honestly just plan on stealing the clothes from her for one of my other dolls hehe.

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  1. Yuki says:

    Who brought the lalaloopsy?

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